Good Morning


A grey morning and quite cool, but it can only get better. It is not raining and the birds are slowly beginning their dawn chorus. Today is for me the day before the first day of Spring, although there are other strange calculations pertaining to being astronomical etc. On the bedside table I have my iPhone, and two iPads. Each one has an alarm for 7.30 tuned to bird song, and with the genuine bird song outside which begins an hour earlier, I have quite a chorus to wake me.

I decided to organise a new iPad with the top byte amount, 256, as I was getting cramped on my older iPad for space. My older iPad did not have so much, only 64 bytes and it seemed to be giving up the ghost. The cover on my older iPad was also kaput. In the meanwhile I discovered I could buy a cover replacement for iPad No. 1 and now it is performing as good as ever, although Mr. Swiss says definitely not because of a new cover. I do not really care, I now have two functioning iPads and an older iPad, a smaller  version, which seems to lose the thread now and again. I also have my Kindle. I sometimes wonder if I might be overdoing it a little bit, but I am a cyber golden oldie. Of course I do not sit on my computer all day, I have a real life to lead. However, having all this auxilliary stuff is quite handy. I can operate from the bed before rising on my iPads, acknowledging comments on my blogs and discovering what has been happening whilst I was sleeping.

I am now in the real world at the breakfast table on a normal computer. Writing a blog on an iPad is a little too tedious. My fingers need a king sized keyboard for that. In the morning I use the microsoft computer, but in the afternoon prefer the Apple computer. In the evening I usually do photo work and then return to the microsoft. Yes, online life is exciting and interesting.

I finished my my book, The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovich, the latest in the Peter Grant police series, with the usual gang and its touch of the supernatural in the Rivers of London series. I have read all six books and a seventh is on its way, but I am not so sure about the last book. It was OK, but not what I would call nail biting suspense. Being a Londoner I am acquainted with all the places of action, which make it interesting for me. I already have a new uploaded book ready for my next reading  “Extracted” the first book in a trilogy by RR Haywood who is an Amazon author and had written a few zombie horror books, a best seller being “The Undead”. Anyhow something completely different, and I try anything. It was a special offer with cheap price, so nothing to lose.

Today is shopping day, so I will have to arm myself with my list, my camera (for photos on the way to the supermarket) and my purse. I know it will be a pasta day today, as we had potato yesterday, and I do like variation in my diat. I also want to repot my Chrismas cactus (Schlumbergia) as it is looking good but needs more room to develop some flowers, so I will have to buy a new pot.

Time to go, a cyber golden oldie life is a life packed with assignments to complete so I cannot waste time.

Enjoy the beginning to the week, who knows what surprises may be waiting for you.

The chief crow is already enjoying his breakfast.

Crow 18.03 (4)


2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I rather liked the last book. No, not a nail-biter but interesting people. But I too am having trouble finding new things i really like enough. The two books, one from Kim Harrison and the newest from Gretchen Archer were appreciated, but a lot of authors haven’t written anything in quite a while. i’m wondering if they’ve given it up or they are working on something huge.

    I’ve finally started reading some of Connelly’s books — Harry Bosch and “the Lincoln Lawyer.” They are good, but not my favorites. It’s not what they write — it’s just I’m waiting for Jim Butcher to turn out another Harry Dresden story. Let me know if the ones you’re reading turn out to be great!

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    • I have read all the Harry Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer books and Mr. Swiss DVD the TV series for Bosch. I enjoyed the books very much. The TV series was OK, but too much juggling with the book themes for my taste.
      I read “Matto Regiert” by Friedrich Glauser who is a well known Swiss author from the thirties and really enjoyed the book, but I do not think his books have ever been translated into english. I don’t know Harry Dresden, must have a look.


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