Good Morning

Crow 18.03 (8)

Crows never give up. Where there is hope for food they return. We have now stopped filling the bird house with food as our sparrows seem to be thriving without. It is about time they did some wing exercise and not just stuff themselves all day. We were buying 2Kg bags of food for them about twice a week. On top of that we were feeding the  birds with our dry bread, not too much. The bread was crow priority and magpie second. Now the problem is what to do with the dry bread. Throw it away? I know I am spoilt, but I like my breakfast slice to be soft enough to eat and not crunchy. So Mrs. Angloswiss still serves a slice of chopped bread in the morning, crows first of course.

In the meanwhile the crows have discovered that in my garden there is an iron reserve of bird seed which had dropped to the ground during the Winter. There is an advantage, because the crows now hop around in the garden and I can take nice closeups with my zoom lens from the kitchen window. They also clear the seeds away from my garden. Some of them have already begun to grow and that bird seed does not make interesting plants. Now and again there might even be a hanf seed amongst it. They are our normal crows, nothing special, the sort we find everywhere here.

It has now stopped raining, but is still looking miserable outside, so perhaps the rain will return again. No. 2 son and his wife will be visiting this afternoon which I am looking forward to. Oh, and did I mention it? Yes well Mrs. Angloswiss will become grandmother later this year, which is something completely different. Mr. Swiss is already double grandfather and single great grandfather.

And otherwise nothing spectacular happend in my life, but life does not have to be a helter skelter of movement and stress. Today looks like smooth runnings with lunch and a quick clean through the place. I am now all set for spring and the outside life on the porch. I am busy repotting my indoor plants for the outside life. I even noticed that my sweet peas are poking through in their container, and signs of peonies are appearing in the garden.

I now have things to do, places to go, and a meal to cook – so enjoy the Sunday.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Congratulations on your expected grandchild, Pat. It is always great fun to have a baby in one’s life, especially when you can send it home with mom and dad! Cute little vacuum. It looks very different from my Miele.

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