Good Morning

First Daffodil

It’s here, the first daffodil of the year has arrived and opened up with a few more to follow. I have had my eye on it for the past week and now it has arrived to tell us that Spring is here, almost. Today it is the first rainy day for a while, but it does not bother me. Now and again the garden needs rain to encourage the growth. Easter is just around the corner according to the supermarket, and the shelves are already full of chocolate eggs and easter bunnies, although there are still a couple of weeks to go.

When I paid at the cash desk the lady asked if I was collecting stickies. I am always ready to collect. She told me they were for plush easter bunnies. I decided to say no. I already have 7 plush easter bunnies collected from the last two years and have no room for the three specials of this year, which look exactly the same as last year. They have to hurry, after all the next feast for 1st August, Swiss National Day, is just around the corner and then the daffodils will long be a thing of the past.

River Aar 17.03 (3)

I took a walk along the river yesterday to make the most of the weather, but even the ducks and swans seemed to have disappeared. My favourite bench was also occupied. After a ten minute walk along the banks of the river I like to take a rest there for 5-10 minutes to take a few photos and to gather energy before climbing the stairs to  return to the village. Now and again there is someone else sitting on the bench, it does not belong to me, and I ask politely and can sit and often come into a conversation with my bench partner.

Yesterday I was annoyed. A middle aged man was relaxing on the bench. He was laying full length, leaving no space for anyone else. He had his hat pulled down over his eyes and was sleeping. I was disgusted. The next bench was too far away for me, so missed out my camera stop due to his selfishness and ignorance, and climbed the stairs to the top, where luckily there was another bench, and empty with no selfish, thoughtless people. Perhaps I am getting grouchy in my golden oldie years, but I was annoyed. I should have taken his photo for all to see here (and my crossposting on Facebook).

When I arrived home, the second annoyance appeared. I noticed this week that some kids had been drawing with  chalk on the paving in front of the path to where we live. Kids will be kids, it is not nice, but the rain washes it away. Our neighour saw the kids with their adult and said they should do their drawings in their own part of the estate, which was not so far and had ample space. Yesterday when I approach our path there was a 4-5 year old again drawing with her chalk on the ground and her grandfather or whatever, was helping. As I approached my path, she stretched out both her arms and told me it was forbidden to walk further. I was annoyed to say the least and said “I happen to live here, please move”. Her grandfather or whatever said “I live here too”. I thought if the adults are ignorant, then the kids are as well. I had never seen this golden oldie, and I knew he did not live where I lived, probably further down the path in the other direction. It was not a very good walk yesterday.

I have decided to stay at home today and keep out of harm’s way. I will send Mr. Swiss on a quest for the forgotten shopping from yesterday, although we seem to have everything.

In the meanwhile have a good week-end, see you on the flip side some time later.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I don’t expect to have the surroundings all to myself, but if a bench is made for a few I do not expect it to be occupied by one person. Today it is raining but I can relax. I was also pleasantly surprised to see my daffodil. It

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  1. When we lived in our condo in Boston, everybody’s kids played in the parking lot and they would skate and bang into the cars. We gave up after awhile. You can’t always fix things. It’s also why we don’t live in a condo anymore. At least we are on our own land.

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    • Kids playing don’t bother me, I was a kid once. It was the arrogance that annoyed me when a kid spreads her arms out and stops me walking and the grandfather continues making drawings on the pavement ignoring it all. They do not live where I live but in a different part and there were no other kids playing there. We also have our own land because we have bought property and the surroundings belong.


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