Daily Prompt: My Walking Controversies

I do not have conroversies with others. After 48 years with Mr. Swiss we just agree to disagree now and again, but no great problems. Life would be boring if we would have the same opinion all the time, and so now and again one of us might say or do someting that the other does not do or say – that’s life thank goodness.

My controversies are self made, my very own and at the moment I have a big one – for me.


One of my pasttimes is photography, nothing special, just a little enjoyment. My first camera, on the right, was my Nikon 7000 which was fine, but on the heavy side. After a few years I realised that going on a photo safari for me was strenuous, so I got myself a smaller Nikon, the 3000: a lighter basic camera and less heavy to carry. I also have many lens of different lengths and sizes. for a shooting (how I hate that word because there are Swiss photographers that use it, thinking is is a great english word to use) I have to decide in advance what I will need for a lens and what to take with me.

I kept my macro lens on the Nikon 7000 as I only really used it in the garden for flowers and insects. However I noticed that during the Winter I did not need the macro lens, so have now removed it and put the “normal lens” on that camera and have my zoom lens on my Nikon 3000. I seem to be changing lens all the time in any case, but that is part of the fun and Nikon have a good system.

Before you want to tell me to get a camera that does it all, it is not necessary. My camera walks are not longer than half an hour and are usually accompanied with a bench in between (caused by MS), so I really do not want to carry more than one lens with me, it is not worth it. If I walk locally, one lens is OK, and if I go further it is usually with the car and Mr. Swiss comes as well, so I have a helper and I can plan in advance which lens to take.

My problem is the summer months when I travel light without pockets in a jacket to carry things. My camera hangs over my body, no problem. I can also now shoot with one hand, which is necessary when walking with a cane. Without pockets anywhere, how do I take my mobile phone with me and my key. At the moment I am still wearing my longer trousers, and they have no pockets. They are stretch, very comfortable and my favourite sort to wear. As soon as bermuda weather arrives, it will be less of a problem, as my bermudas have pockets.

The controversay has now arrived, but I am gradually getting the solution.

Holder for iPhone

Some time ago I ordered a holder for my mobile phone. It has an arm band and so I found it would be handy when taken a walk, but I have never used it, because there was always a pocket somewhere. After a search I found it and have decided this is the ideal solution. I am now carry the camera on a strap across the body, and the mobile phone will be clipped around my arm in the holder. Now the key problem, but here I have also found the solution. I will organise one of those straps for around the neck and I am ready to go. There will be no need to organise anything, we have such a key holder tells me Mr. Swiss. Since at least 10 years it has been hanging where the coats are and no-one has ever used it.

I am now ready to go, no more controversies between the camera, the mobile phone or my key. I do not need my purse as there is nowhere to spend money on my walks.

Daily Prompt: My Walking Controversies

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Walking Controversies

    • If I hang the camera crossways over the body I just give it a tug with one hand and hold it up to shoot, changing my cane to the other hand. I prefer to look through the viewer than the screen, I find it more exact. I feel a lot more stable and safer. If I have to focus the camera I can still do that with the other hand quickly, no problem. It is all the other extras I have to take with me. Mr. Swiss will not let me out alone without my telephone “in case something happens” and I need the key with me, but now things are slowly being organised. I am lucky to live near to the places I go to, although it is nice to be able to go further afield sometimes.

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  1. Two things I dislike about summer clothes. I like wearing socks but I also like flip-flops. I like wearing shorts but they don’t have as many pockets as jeans. BUT I’m grateful that this is the level of my controversies except tomorrow I’m going to church (Anglican) to talk to my friend’s church group about the Reformation. I have no idea what to wear. All I have are red jeans and blue jeans and a very fancy dress suit (for that book signing in the fancy bookstore don’t you know). I’m thinking red jeans… But…

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    • I never wear anything on my feet indoors, just comfortable shoes, usually Sketchers. I hate stockings or anything nylon on my feet, always have, and avoid them when possible. I do not even own anything like that now I only wear trousers or shorts. When I go out I wear socks in the shoes and now it is warm enough to go out without, just slip into my comfortable outdoor Sketchers. I cannot wear flip-flops. I have tried it a couple of times, but get an unpleasant inflamation between the toes and find them uncomfortable.
      I suppose I would be Anglican (Church of England) and they never went a long way for fancy dress, so wear what you find comfortable. Red jeans sound fine to me. Have fun and wish you success.

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