Good Morning

Bernese Alps 16.03 (6)

Not the view from my garden, unfortunately, but from a mountain near where I live looking towards the Bernese Alps. Yesterday we went for a short drive and a longer walk up in the highlands, just behind where we live. It was wonderful weather, and we had the place almost to ourselves. There were few walkers on their way, more cyclists.

Today I will be recovering from the exhaustions. I spent about 2 hours uploading photos yesterday, naming them and sorting them. Mr. Swiss also made a contribution so we were busy. In between I ate something for the evening meal and afterwards continued with bloggy stuff. Usually I am finished with the computer latest 8.00 p.m., although I am not going anywhere or doing anything else in particular, but I like to get the job done with. Mr. Swiss called me if I wanted to see my favourite TV soap, East Enders, which is all from the area where I grew up. I told him to get on with it, blogging first. Just as I was putting the finishing touches to my promp(s) of the day (have to write for my feline on her cat blog as well), there was a ring at the door. Knowing that the postman only rings twice and it was evening, I realised it must be someone else.

Mr. Swiss opened the door and there stood son No. 2 who does call in now and again, only living a half hour train journey away. The problem was now solved temporarily with East Enders, but I shifted my computer to the living room where I could partake in the conversation, whilst finishing a couple of routine jobs on the computer. Mr. Swiss and son had a couple of political discussions, so I decided let them get on with it and I got on with my stuff. I was just finishing when No. 2 son had to go, he had a train to catch. We were now ready for the East Enders, although I get annoyed everytime I watch because the scriptwriters never write what I actually want to see.

Today is another nice sunny day, so I will probably be on my way again this afternoon, but locally. This golden oldie has had a little too much stress lately.
Shamrock 12.09 (2)

Today is St. Patrick’s Day it seems, so I found a photo of shamrock in my records. The stuff grows everywhere here during the summer months and I have spent many back breaking minutes removing it: perhaps we have leprachauns at the bottom of the garden.

And now to move on, it will be a busy day today shopping and at some time I will be at the steering wheel of the car to make sure I keep in the routine. Yesterday Mr. Swiss did the driving up and down the mountain. I could have done it, but it is not so advisable. It is quite a good road for a mountain road, but not very wide and with many curves. There is a bus that goes up and down the mountain about once every hour and it was our luck to cross paths on the way down. However, there was enough room with a few centimeters to spare. I was glad to arrive home eventually as taken photos from the car on a curvy road is not exactly the ideal: something like a ship on a rough sea.

And now to attend to the daily chores, you just have to love them. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss had a disagreement with the vacuum cleaner as the dirt container opened and spread its contents on the floor. He was using the portable Dyson where this seems to be a integrated mistake. The big Dyson never does it. I was occupying the electric plug to upload my iPhone, so it was all my fault I suppose.

We all have our obstacles to overcome during the day, and I dare say there will be more on the horizon, but I will continue in spite.

Enjoy the day, tomorrow is week-end – a word I have almost eliminated from my vocabulary since becoming a retired golden oldie.

Balmberg 16.03 (26)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a great photo at the end of your post – Thank You
    You seem to have discussions with everything, even your Dyson….. I followed the inventions of Mr Dyson faithfully for a long time but with his latest baby, the £300/€400 Supersonic hair dryer he lost my attention and sympathy. But your little rants amuse me greatly!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw that Dyson had a new hairdreier but my hair is so short I never need one. His new model is certainly overpriced. But I do. lover his vacuum cleaner.


  2. Such peace! I am in world where we don’t even look back should someone fall and need help! One day I hope I can have the life of serenity. Your photos are so soothing.


    • I am lucky to live in such a wonderful place, although my camera has helped me find the right way. Since having to walk with support from a cane I have also discovered that people are always ready to assist. It is amazing.


  3. You really ARE having glorious weather. We’ll get some, eventually, but it will take a bit more time. A few months, really. But that’s the way it is around here. Our best months are from mid-September through early-November. Spring is dicey, summer? You just never know and winter is winter is winter.

    I got to thinking about mountains again and wished we were going to see some, but I don’t think it’s happening this year. No money. And things are SO weird at our airports now, I’m not sure I’d feel safe. This is a very peculiar place to live, these days.

    Enjoy your glorious weather!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s real spring here, although a few days too early.Today I went for another walk along the river, without a jacket, just in short sleeves and I was sweating. A fresh wind came up when I got home and now there will be rain, but that will be good for the ground.
      From our side of the pond it seems that tourists no longer go to the States, it is completely down on interest. It is the same with Turkey, which has even dropped out of most of the tourist books. It is a funny world at the moment.

      I might be off for a few days to my son’s place to stay with his wife for a few days. Yes my first grandchild is on the way, but she has a few problems, nothing dramatic, the Princess Kate sydrome from England. She has digestive problems and is now and again in hospital for infusions. I told son No. 2 when she is back at home I would spend a few days with her, but we have to wait for a date. Yes, at last I will become a gran. Marcel already has two grandchildren and one great grandchild, so I have some catching up to do.


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