Good Morning

I get up on time to get things done and still hover around on my computer doing stuff that I really do not have to do, like checking in on Amazon searching for a monopod that also serves as a camera holder, and other searches. Now time for the serious stuff.

Feldbrunnen 15.03 (2)

Nothing really spectacular happening today up to now. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everything looks like a good start. I do not take so many photos from the car these days as I am now the driver, sharing with Mr. Swiss. He drives one direction and I drive the other. Everyone (my two doctors and Mr. Swiss) find that I should really keep in the driving routine and not give up my licence. Up to now it is going quite well. Mr. Swiss and I do not always agree on my driving method, but that is apparently a normal man problem when he sits next to you in the car. Yesterday I drove to the supermarket and he drove home. He took the scenic route on the home journey so I made the most of it with the camera from the car. Here is a photo of the local stables. At the front they have the riding paddock and at the back they have the chickens, ducks , geese and horses. It is just a few minutes walk from where I live across the main road.

Fire Bugs 15.03 (7)

And look who is back. The fire bugs are taking walks again in the garden. I noticed them a couple of days ago. First of all there were a few isolated members of the family spying out the land. Word got around and now they are gradually building up in numbers. They are even beginning to think about starting families.  After the beginnings, they are already walking around in attached pairs meaning that after a week of this combined walking trip, the babies will soon be arriving. One fire bug comes seldom alone.

I quite like them, add a bit of colour to the garden and something completely different to photograph. As far as I can see they do not real harm. Their diet consists of seeds mostly, and that is no problem: helps to stop the unwanted plants sprouting everywhere.

Impatience and Ivy

IvyI had a wonderful patch of ivy with variagated leaves in the garden for the past 5-6 years. I noticed last year that it was dwindling and this year there are only two leaves on the plant, although a green ivy is also growing in the same place. I was thinking about replacing it, but when I wanted to remove the dry stalks, I realised they were not so dry, so I am hoping that it will recover. This year our building is being renovated in any case. There will be a scaffold on the front and back, so anything could happen, although some time towards the end of summer the work should be finished. Our gardener arrives in a couple of weeks, so I will see what he thinks.

I also repotted my poinsettia yesterday. As soon as temperatures improve, and they are on the way, I will be putting my potted plants outside.

This morning is a morning of stay at home, not so much to do, but taking one thing after another. I will be out and about this afternoon, but am not sure where. Mr. Swiss said he would take me on a drive up the Balmberg this week, which is another local mountain where you can get some got shots of the scenery looking down on our village and town. We will see how we feel this afternoon, otherwise tomorrow is another day, although rain has been forcast for the end of the week.

And now to move on and do what a housewife does when she is bored. Enjoy the day everyone, or night according to where you are.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 15.03 (8)

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