Colour Your World: Indigo


This is my bromelia which is not indigo, but it is in a pot which as far as I can see is indigo, although it might be something else. I am slowly getting confused with all these blues, that I am beginning to feel blue myself.

BromeliaBut a little story about this bromelia. I had never had a bromelia and wanted a plant so Mr. Swiss said get one of those, it looks nice. As you can see in the photo on the left, it did look nice when it was young and lovely, with its orange stalk in the middle. It was already standing in its indigo pot.

This was about a year ago. With time the bromelia finished flowering and I was left with green leaves and a brown middle piece. Mr. Swiss found it was time to throw it away, but not with me. I looked after my dying bromelia, being inquisitive what could happen. The instructions were not to water the earth, but let the water collect between the leaves which I followed exactly.

The orange part dried up and became brown, but I still persevered. One of the brown parts split, and there was a fluffy cloud that appeared with a few seeds, at least I think they were seeds, but I left it to do its own thing.

And eventually new leaf stalks appeared at the base of the plant. Mr. Swiss was still convinced that I should throw it away, but not with me. I want to know what will happen. It look like it is producing new stalks with leaves, which might, who knows, each bear an orange flower eventually. Looking for something indigo, my eyes rested on the pot.

The bromelia is a mysterious plant, you never know what it will do next. I am sure it is a close relative of the triffid.

Colour Your World: Indigo

4 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Indigo

  1. Hi, Pat. Do not throw it away. Just put water in the middle. New bromelias will appear at the bottom of the old one and you will be able to separate them from the parent. I had a bromelia in a pot many years ago and now, I have two pots, one with three bromelias and the other with four. And one is just flowering, if I can call that a flower !

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    • Thanks. That is what is happening now. I have three new bromelias growing at the base of the leaves. They are now growing well and I was thinking about separating them from the mother plant and planting them separately.

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