One Word Photo Challenge: Fairy

illuminated angel at the door
There are fairies and fairies I suppose. So who believes in fairies. Some people have them at the bottom of the garden. Mine was standing in front of the door, but it did not seem that she wanted to grant me a wish. She said something about fairies first. It was then that I shut the door, I did not like the way she said it, not very friendly.

One Word Photo Challenge: Fairy

5 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Fairy

  1. Fairies, like humans, come in all different personalities and vary greatly in how they feel about humans. Sadly many have been mistreated by humans, which has colored their view of our species. I have found the type of person you are will attract those of good will toward you. They will do their best to protect you from malicious actions of the disgruntled wee folk. It is normal to expect a little mischievousness from them but you shouldn’t tolerate malicious actions against your home or yourself. If you look hard you may catch a glimpse of the good wee folk who love your kindness and are helping the happiness of your home. Be well. Hugs

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