Good Morning

Computer 13.03 (2)

Here is the proof of the good weather. Yesterday afternoon I was outside again with the computer doing my bloggy stuff. The sun was shining and I was in t-shirt and shorts (although I changed the shorts for the evening, as it tends to cool down when the sun goes down). I use my Apple computer for outdoor excursions as I do not have to bother to connect it to the exlectricity supply. It has enough battery power for at least 9 hours, although they say 10 hours, but I like to be safe. I do have electricity outside, but it is easier to move my Apple than the Microsoft, which has a wider screen.

That was as far as I went yesterday. I had a few things to deal with at home and did not have time for a safari into the wilderness.

AvocadoMy avocado pit had eventually decided to grow a shoot. I put it in an egg cup on water about 1-2 months ago and checked its development daily, filling up with water now and again.

The pit split down the middle and a root appeared, so I knew it would survive. I now waited impattiently for the stalk to appear. That always takes a time, but last week it arrived, huffing and puffing after the exhaustions. It was now action time. This baby needed earth and a place to grow. On our excursion to the supermarket yesterday we visited the gardening department to get the necessaries. It is combined with the “man” department where there are tools and other such requisites, so Mr. Swiss was also kept busy looking for things that would come in handy.

The earth is kept outside at the supermarket, but the path was blocked by two supermarket trolleys. I could squeeze buy, but not with our trolley. Mr. Swiss did a detour with the trolley and I waited outside until he arrived. I believe he assisted a young lady on the way that had the same problem. Yes, he is always ready to help damsels in distress. I am digressing. Anyhow we met by the piles of dirt (earth) and selected the smallest bag, as I did not need more to fill a pot. I also found a suitable pot and we were ready to go. The next detour on the way out was to take the lift to the ground floor so that I could take a few photos of the newest plant arrivals on the way out – for a blog challenge of course: my life revolves around blog challenges.

And now the deed is done, the new avocado pit is planted in the pot where my first avocado was growing and I have replanted the original avocado in the bigger pot that I bought.

Avocado 13.03.2017

Baby on the left, original avocado – now one year old, on the right. My plantation is growing, but am still waiting for the first fruits. During the winter months my original avocado was sitting in the living room, but now the weather is improving it will be transferred to the outside world at the edge of the garden, with the new avocado, as soon as the frosty nights disappear and temperatures improve. There was a small misunderstanding with the earth that happened to spill onto the terrace from the re-potting operation, but I removed it afterwards, so we all cooled down.  I suppose I should wear gloves for such delicate operations, but I prefer to feel the earth between my fingers. Afterwards I spent a few minutes with the nail brush at the sink cleaning off the earth remainders from my hands.

What an exciting day that was – new life is now growing.

Today is not so exciting. Mr. Swiss has already left me on my own as he has a meeting with his dentist in town and I have things to do like cleaning the bathroom and other housewife hobbies

I will be back some time today. Am not yet sure whether a walk is called for or not this afternoon. Am still thinking about it.

Have a nice day everyone, see you on the flip side somewhere and for the Americans amongst you, keep safe from Stella, batten down the hatches and get the snow shovels ready for the aftermath.

Jura 07.03 (3)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Mr. Swiss, being Swiss,is always telling me if could still snow in March and April. I am now sitting outside enjoying the sun and warmth. We English always see the bright side of life

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  1. Your avacado plants are looking good! You’ve inspired me to start one of my own. It’s suspended over a pot of water, and now I wait. I did grow one years ago, outside. It grew as tall as the roof of the house. Hated to leave it when we moved. Hope you have more springlike warm days to come. 🙂

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    • I don’t think mine will grow tall and I hope not. I will have problems if it does. I was hoping for a neat little bush, but it does seem to be growing upwards instead of spreading.


    • It was certainly a strange phenomenon getting ice and snow after a warm spell. Perhaps there will be a positive side to it and a few thousand caterpillar eggs might have frozen.


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