Daily Prompt: The Daily Immersion

Ducks 12.03 (5)

There is always a purpose in an imersion. This duck, apparently a black coot, thanks to the information from a WordPress colleague, was immersing in the water. Now I am sure there was a reason. A duck does not just imemrse itself so that I can take one of my Pulitzer prize suspicious photos. I am sure it saw something edible in the depths of the river, and thus it decided to get lunch. Duck lunch does not swim up to the surface, so the duck had to get it.

Humans are similar. We immerse ouselves in the shelves in the supermarket.

Migros Supermarket, Langendorf

There we are, digging around in our element, making sure we get the best before another duck human, finds it first. Our advantage is that ducks do not get special offers with 10% rebate on the worm or whatever, but we do, if we plan our immersion. The disadvantage with the special offer immersions, is that everyone want to participate, and it can be the survival of the fittest. Are we so different to the ducks?

I am very much an immersive person. If I discover something new that interests me, then I immerse in it competely. One day, many years ago, the computer arrived in my life. At first Mr. Swiss brought it home from work as a tryout. It was an IBM, because at the beginning there was the IBM. Immersions tend to deepen and we soon had our own computer. Son No. 2 already had his commodore and I had immersed myself in various games with mysterious name for some time. Now Mr. Swiss had his own computer, which I was also allowed to use.

Immersions can be shared, but the duck does not share his trophies, so why should I? And so it came to pass that Mrs. Angloswiss decided she wanted, no must have, her own computer.  It is funny really, but when I reflect on those days it seems unbelievable that this was a theme for a discussio and we actually shared a computer. Today it goes without sayting that we all have our own private computer. If Mr. Swiss ever immersed himself in my purse it would be a source of  a negative discussion. He would not do it in any case, you never know what might be lurking in that purse, sometimes I think twice myself  before opening it and so it is with a computer. You do not share computers, they are comparable to a purse.

Since the day of owning my own computer, I have immersed myself into its body, have learnt where to go and now and again I even have a disagreement with my computer. The next step was the smartphone. It all began with a simple mobile phone which you could only use for making a phone call. It was very bulky and heavy.

First mobile phone

shopping listMr. Swiss decided to immerse himself in this technology and soon had the newest model which was much smaller and neater and not so heavy to hold. I was still using my first Panasonic when he decided to immerse himself in the latest model, so I inherited his old model. This situation continue for a few years, until the super iPhone arrived. Naturally Mr. Swiss immersed himself in this technology whilst I was still battling with my 3rd or 4th hand-me-down mobile phone. It was then that Mr. Swiss handed his iPhone No. 3 down to me, as No. 4 had arrived. Enough was enough and so I took a trip to town, and made a purchase. I returned with my own iPhone No. 4, in my name with my own no. and since that day I no longer immersed myelf in hand-me-down telephones from Mr. Swiss. I would add he was quite surprised that I did it. I now have my own, as you can see on the left. This is one of our shopping lists which we now have on a cloud together. I am now thinking about immersing myself into a new version, as I still have version No 6 and Mr. Swiss has now bought version No. 7.

And so life goes on with our immersions into the newest technology, but my ducks still immerse themselves in the river for their dinner.

Daily Prompt: The Daily Immersion

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Daily Immersion

    • I might miss out No. 7. I am sure that No. 8 is just around the corner. I think my favourite thing about those telephone is, apart from everything else of course, is the improvements they make on the camera each time a new one appears.

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  1. I am very immersive too about many different things. But not phones or printers. I have never loved phones or printers the way I love other electronic gadgetry. Printers hate me and phones just annoy me.

    We have black coots too. I guess they are an international bird.

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    • I must admit I would be lost today without my smartphone, it is even smarter than me sometimes. Printers do what they want. We have four computers working from one printer, sometimes they connect and sometimes they refuse. I will never understand printer psychology.

      I often saw these ducks with the white heads and black feathers, but had no idea what they were called. Now I know


  2. Love the Chronological Order of who gets the best fish…and the answer is who is first immersed. I am not more when it comes to technology unless it’s proven to be best by few who purchased.
    Recently, I was in a conference where the Doctor was telling we check our smartphone every second which has the previous record of checking diaper of newborn every 9 minutes.

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    • Shopping is the survival of the fittest, grab what you can before the crowds arrive. Checking phones is not necessary. You have at least 50 different tunes that tell you when something has arrived. I have birds to wake me in the morning and a duck that quacks if someone calls me. Perhaps you get crying babies for the diapers.

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  3. This is a more profound article than one would think – quite serious in some ways…. I’m mostly immersed in books, articles on HH’s iPad on newsletters I ready daily, I like to think I’m immersed in music and singing (playing the cello and singing in ensembles/choirs), I can fully immerse in conversations – and get frequently frustrated with our technical equipment. Hero Husband needs the ‘latest’ for his work, I have an old, trusted but terribly slow home computer and we both can have all kinds of stuff on our smartphones…. Mine however is the cheapest I could get in Switzerland when my other one just simply gave in at one stay….
    I leave you dear Pat to immerse myself in ‘hanging a huge load of delicate washing’ (do I dare or not to hang it outside with a fair chance to have to resort back to the inside later on – but if it DOES dry it would be so much more convenient…. oh the decisions!!!), washing the kitchen floor, iron some 10 shirts and hopefully dip into my huge garden at some time late in the pm to pull some weeds…. Went out this morning to take about a zillion photos of all the blooms – oh the bliss!!!!!

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  4. I tend to keep my immersions ar a reduced level. Household stuff I do regularly to avoid big jobs that use up to much time and Mr. Swiss helps. No. 1 son does the heavy work which he can do easily But my main immersions are usually in the world that needs more mental action than physical. I am now trying to understand the mysterious methods of completing a Swiss Tax Form. It is available in 3 languages but not english? I think only the Swiss areable to know how to do it.


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