4 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Periwinkle

  1. I had an acquaintance once who had a rather typical semi-adversarial “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars” relationship with her husband. Anyhow, she wanted to paint HIS bathroom in the basement “Periwinkle.” He had a fit, thinking it was a sissy color (he was a race car driver). I asked her why she just hadn’t said, “Blue” or handed him a paint chip. She said something about not “descending” to his “terms.” As if the names paint companies give a color are “terms”… So the color “periwinkle” is engraved forever in my mind. 😀

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    • I never realised there were so many shades of blue when I began this challenge. It is more luck than judgement that I find something. I was always into blue and Mr. Swiss found that me having blue eyes with brown hair (which is now grey) was something completely different. Swiss only paint rooms is 50 shades of pale, usually white through to cream.

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