Share Your World – March 13, 2017

Do you push the elevator button more than once?

Lift Button

The things I do for a challenge know no limits. I had no reasonable photo of a lift button, so decided to take one, easier said than done. First of all I made sure there were no neighbours on the stairway that might wonder about my action with the camera and I quietly left our appartment with my telephone camera and pressed the lift button to make sure I got an action photo of an illuminated lift button  -success. As the lift doors were opening I decided to disappear as quickly as I appeared into my appartment and here we have the pièce de résistance, our lift button.

Ah yes, the question, I press it once and hope that the lift is there. We live on the ground floor, but I need the lift for the cellar and garage and then  I hope that our neighbours are not transporting some sort of furniture by lift, or their children. That would mean I would have to wait for a few minutes until the lift actually reacted. If they push the button first, then I could use a sledge hammer, but it would be no use. The lift operates in its own magic way and cannot be persuaded by pressing the button until your fingers turn blue. Just one tap on the button and hope, that is the solution to our lift. It does what it wants to do in any case.

Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

No, nothing makes our lift faster, it is enchanted, bewitched, possessed.

Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneous (for example if you are visiting a big city you don’t know?)

I no longer visit big cities, and especially not if I do not know them. I could fall. I grew up in a big city, London, and that did it for me. Switzerland has a few big cities, but they are so well planned, there is no point in planning anything yourself. The Swiss take all the fun out of exploring. There are signs everywhere and trams. Today I only explore supermarkets and usually know where I am going. Spontaneous exploration of a supermarket costs money. You buy things you do not really need or want.

Signpost Solothurn

Describe yourself in at least four uplifting words.

I only know uplifting words to describe myself – only 4? Then I will have to make a choice.

Golden and Oldie (that counts as one – yes), intelligent, gifted, creative, and of course beautiful (if you like big noses).

If you had a choice which would be your preference salt water beaches, fresh water lakes, ocean cruise, hot tub, ski resort or desert? 

I have to pass on this one, as this all has to do with active movements. You even have to crawl in a desert or ride a camel. Perhaps a month or two in a luxury hotel, or even Swiss expensive clinic, where I do not have to do anything except to press a button and have someone to do it all for me.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week I did not have to go anywhere or do anything, it was all my own choice. I am looking forward to the next week as it seems it will be the same as last week, what could possibly be better.

Share Your World – March 13, 2017

Daily Prompt: The Lost Records

We did not have a grammophone at home, only  few relations and friends had one, something like this.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (26)
I took this photo at an exhibition in our area. We were the poor relations, but my aunt and uncle had a grammophone At Christmas we would gather around and  play the old 78 rpm records on it: all party songs for a good old singalong. I remeber the problem with the grammophone needles. Although aunt and uncle could afford the grammophone, they had to save on the needles, so they bought them in boxis of about 50 pieces. They were small pointed  steel needles and would last to play 10 records. The shellack surface of the record soon wore them down and so there was a pause to change the needle. Eventually the grammophone was moved to the room where we cousins had our own celebration as it was getting a bit loud and hectic s the beer bottles were emptied where the aunts and uncles were celebrating and “Knees up Muvver Brown” was not exactly our thing. We had already progresse to “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley or “Rock Island Line”.

And then the record player arrived. We no longer had to change the needles, I believe they were sapphire and if you were really into the good stuff, you might have had a diamond needle. Records  became 45 rpm and 33 rpm but there was still a nostalgia for the old 78 rpm.

Old records

For the youngsters here, they looked like this. They were big, heavy and if you dropped one it would break, so you had to be careful. They only had room on one side for one song so you were cramped for space.  I asked Mr. Swiss if we had any, and he disappeared in the cellar for half an hour and found a box full. I only wanted them for a photo, so they have now been returned to the cellar. I noticed they were all jazz, one of which was Stan Kenton.

My friend’s father in London was an opera fan and so he would buy complete operas on 78 rpm. this meant many boxes and about 500 of these records, if not more for a complete opera. Yes, La Traviata on 78 rpm was a collection. You spent more time changing the record than listening to the music, but it worked. He had recordings of Beniamino Gigli and Caruso. I must ask her when I have her on the Facebook messenger, if she still has them.

We had a Sunday morning market in the east End of London, Brick Lane, This market was famous all over London and it was a popular place to visit on Sunday morning. Dad would often take me there, usually because we were in the way when mum was cooking the Sunday lunch. We always aimed for the same places. As I was still a kid I visited the comic shop where you could buy 4 comics for an english shilling, which was quite a bargain at the time. Superman, Batman, Hoppalong Cassidy, they were the classics. I do not know where the comics came from, but they had the traces of family usage on them. They were probably more than second hand, more like 100 different fingers flipping through the pages.

On the same market there was a stall where they sold old records, 78 rpm, known as shellacks and that was where you found dad, with me at his side. He would search through them all and found some old gems, for his musical taste. I remember the delight he showed when he found an old record of the “I’m the Guy who found The Lost Chord” by Jimmy Durante, which he bought. As I do not want to withhold the delights of this music, I found it on YouTube.

Again it was the magical price of 4 records for a bob (shilling). I wonder what happened to those gems he bought down the lane, but I suspect when he eventually moved house with mum from the East End they just left them all in the house. I am sure they would have been a treasure today.

And today there are no more records, except perhaps in museums. The shops where they were sold are gradually disappearing, the good old days of having records are almost no longer. My son still owns about 2000 CD’s and Mr. Swiss still has his treasured collection of jazz bebop and mainstream on LP’s. I remember by oldest cousin in London, whose music taste is the same as Mr. Swiss. He said he will not buy CD’s because the quality is not the same as the origianl LP’s. Yes, they are the experts.

The word “record” in this sense is probably disappearing from the english language. Today you can make and break records, but no longer listen so much. We have ear pods for our amusement, but I suppose you cannot take a walk with a record player, it would be too heavy and uncomfortable.

The Lost Records

Good Morning

Good morning

The sun is shining outside in the morning, the birds are singing and my frugal breakfast is ready, so what could be better. I switch on the computer, it is alive and do the usual to get where I want to go. I grip my mouse and move it, but where is the little arrow chasing around my screen pointing the way. I cry for help, but Mr. Swiss is busy. I cry again, but still no answer. I am left in a desperate situation. There is only one solution, I go on the search for a new battery, which I find. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss asks what has happened – he is alarmed. I told him everything under control as I fitted the mouse up with new life/battery. It is now alive and my day can begin. Mouse batteries have a long life, but only two days ago my blue tooth mouse died on me on my Apple computer, and today my Logitech gave up its life. Perhaps it is contagious. The day did not begin well.

We have yet another sunny morning, with promised high temperatures. Yesterday I took a walk along the river with Mr. Swiss.  The poor man could not do his usually sprint, as I no longer sprint, although no big problem. As I was dressed in my light summer cardigan I did not have a handy zip where I could suspend my cane, so had to make do. It was useful to have someone to pick my cane up when it fell because I was busy shooting a few photos.

River Aar 12.03 (9)

On my river walks I have notice this boat. Actually there are two of them travelling up and down the river. I found them quite neat, as they are not so large and they look very comfortable. Now that Mr. Swiss was accompanying me he explained what they were, probably because he reads newspapers, and I only read books.

It seems the local authorities decided that it would be a good idea to have river transport to the nearest town, which is just along the river, and not only the local road train. For this reason they now have installed two of these small boats on the river for transport. The boat stop from our village to Solothurn  is just at the bottom of our path, so what could be better. I find this a great idea and will consult the time table. A five minute walk to the boat station and about five minutes to town by boat and taking photos on the way.  I am not very good at boarding boats, but it looks quite safe, so I will try it out. It cannot be more expensive than our local train, because that is expensive enough.

Me 12.03.2017

Having Mr. Swiss with me, he decided to take a photo of me and complained why I did not smile. I was actually smiling, but there are smiles and smiles. By the way the estate in the background up on the hill is where we live, so I do not have to go far.

Ducks 12.03 (11)

This duck was following us on our way. I do not know what sort of duck it is, but it made a change from the usual mallards. There were quite a lot of people taking walks, riding bikes and jogging along the river  path, and it seemed we were continually waiting for them to pass by. They were Sunday people, as during the week we more or less have the place to ourselves.

And now to plan the day ahead. We will be visiting the gardening department of the store today. My second avocado pit has now produced its first stalk, the first root appeared some time ago, so it will need a pot and earth. Up to now it has only been sitting in an egg cup with water. I will also have to repot my first avocado ready for its place outside in the sun, and my poinsettia could also do with something new in the way of earth and a larger pot. Outside they grow quite well on my porch. Yes, everything is growing and expanding. I also seem to be expanding now and again, although more shrinking than growing.

Have a good day everyone, the beginning of the week , so make your plans of things to do and places to go. I am already activating my plan today, as I will now move to the vacuum cleaner.

River Aar 12.03 (4)