Colour Your World: Blue

River Aar 12.03 (5)

This afternoon I took a walk along the river. It seems that many had the same idea and it was quite a mixture of joggers, cyclists and golden oldies like me and Mr. Swiss. Yes, he accompanied me. There were many boats moored along the river. Having a boat on a river is not only expensive because you have a boat, but the mooring place is very expensive and you are lucky to have one. There is a waiting list and often you must be content with parking the boat in the garage and dragging it to the river when you want to go for a trip. I do not have a boat, do not want a boat, and prefer to take photos of the boats that belong to the others.

There is so much blue in this picture, you can take your pick which blue you prefer.

Colour Your World: Blue

9 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Blue

  1. I don’t remember who said it, but it went like this. “Better than having a boat is having a friend who has a boat.” We have friends. A very long time ago, I had a boat … but it was a REALLY long time ago!

    Beautiful river blue!

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    • I am not very good at boats. I don’t mind the real big ones with passengers, but smaller boats are always parked in complicated places where I have to step on a metal grid to reach the boat, and climb over something on the way, which is an invitation for me to fall into the river – because I am accident prone. Once on the boat I am Ok, it is just gettong on the boat where I have problems. And I am not a very good swimmer.


  2. Here in Florida, the popular saying is: “The two happiest days in a person’ life: the day they buy a boat and the day they sell the boat.” Expensive is right! Here they charge by the foot to dock a boat in the marina. And if you dry-dock it, it is even more expensive. I am like you–neither have nor do I want a boat.

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    • Big ocean liners are ok, but river and lake boats are not my thing. In Switzerland you see the boats sailig on the lakes. There must be at least a few million Swiss francs floating on that water. I am not a water person and prefer to take the photos.


    • Interesting to know. Owning a boat is one thing, but being able to afford to keep them on a river is something else. I am looking forward to a trip in our “bus-boat” along the river to town.

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  3. I had a small sail boat my dad made me and on its maiden voyage on the Thames in Oxford a motor drove over the string tether and mangled the sails and snapped the mast!
    And so my sailing days were abruptly over at the ripe old age of 9.

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