Flower of the Day: 12.03.2017 Forget-me-not


These are the annual forget-me-nots. Plant the seeds in Autumn and in Spring they are one of the first flowers to appear in the garden. Their blue is very intensive and I find them interesting as the first flowers have a shade of pink. These were being sold in the local store.

Flower of the Day: 12.03.2017 Forget-me-nots

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: March 12, 2017

Garden Ornaments 1203 (4)

Meet the frog king. He spent the winter in the cellar, but is now back guarding his territory in the garden.

River Aar Walk 10.03 (25)

I have no idea what this lonely chimney lookalike is doing overlooking our local river, but I am sure it has a purpose somehow.

River Aar Walk 10.03 (2)

Dogs have more toilets along the path, than humans. If you dog feels the urge, take a plastic bag, dispose of the recycling material and put it in the bin. Bravo doggy. It is regularly collected.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: March 12, 2017

Colour Your World: Blue

River Aar 12.03 (5)

This afternoon I took a walk along the river. It seems that many had the same idea and it was quite a mixture of joggers, cyclists and golden oldies like me and Mr. Swiss. Yes, he accompanied me. There were many boats moored along the river. Having a boat on a river is not only expensive because you have a boat, but the mooring place is very expensive and you are lucky to have one. There is a waiting list and often you must be content with parking the boat in the garage and dragging it to the river when you want to go for a trip. I do not have a boat, do not want a boat, and prefer to take photos of the boats that belong to the others.

There is so much blue in this picture, you can take your pick which blue you prefer.

Colour Your World: Blue

Daily Prompt: Daily Mumurations


“What’s that noise outisde, who are you talking to?”

“I beg your pardon. I am not talking to anyone. A flock of starlings have arrived in the garden, and they are having a murmur.”

“I thought it was you, you are always murmuring about something.”

“That is not true, I never murmer. I speak in a loud clear voice,  well not all the time, just sometimes perhaps. If you bothered to listen to what I say, you would find that my mumers are conversations.+

“With yourself?”

“Generally yes, because no-one bothers to listen, except perhaps for the birds. This morning I did an important murmer, but I had to repeat it twice until it registered.”

“You mean because I forgot to pick up your perscription at the chemists. There is no rush, you have enough tablets, and I was busy tanking up the car. It does not run on water or air, it needs gas now and again and you never think about fillig the tank.”

“I really have more important things to do and my perscription can wait? The chemists is just opposite the garage.”

“I know but I forgot. I will pick it up tomorrow, you have a cupboard full of mdication”

“Only because I remember to buy it.”

“No, if you remembered to buy it I would not have to fetch it. And now we have enough gas in the car, you can fetch your medicine yourself.”

“I am busy with something else, murmer, murmuer, murmer.”

“Did you say something important?”

“I never say anything important do I. You never listen in any case.”

“Of  course I listen.”

“Only when there is nothing more important, like a television programme or the news on the radio.”

“That is not true, but this morning it was important. In case you havn’t noticed, there are elections going on at the moment and that is very important.”

“Or course I noticed, but it is all the same old discussions and things don’t change in any case. A lot of murmering leading nowhere. I prefer to listen to the starlings. At least their murmers have a meaning.”

“You understand them?”

“Not more that you do, but they understand each other because they listen to each others murmers.”

“And I don’t listen to yours?”

“Only when you do not have something more important like listening to the radio or reading the newspaper.”

“I like to keep myself informed. Hello are you listening. Where are you? She has gone out, just left me in the middle of a sentence and now sitting outside reading a book. Hello, I was talking to you.”

“Were you really? I just heard a few murmers, sorry I wasn’t listening. I decided to sit outside and listen to the starlings having a murmer. And now they have all flown away. Did you have to make so much noise.”

“I did not make noise. I was only talking to you.”

“But in a loud voice.”

“Because you were sitting outside.”

“And now the starlings have flown away. Where are you? Oh, he has disappeared indoors again. Now I can continue reading my book and  have a quiet murmer to myself. I always agree with myself and never have negative murmers.”

Daily Prompt: Daily Murmations

Good Morning


When I drag myself out of the bed in the morning and stumble bleary eyed to the kitchen one of my first thoughts, to wake myself up, is to take a look at the sunrise. Will it be one of those wonderful stunning Hollywood unique skies, showing a rising sun, or will it be a grey rainy one, more like a French “film noir”? This morning it was OK. Fluffy white clouds and a hint of sunshine at the edge. I decided it would be safe to continue my operations in the kitchen preparing my breakfast.

There is no more feeding of the birds in the morning. Their bird house still has a remainder of seed, and the weather is now good enough for them to fend for themselves. I will miss the chief crow in the morning and the magpies sitting in the tree, waiting to pounce at what the crows have left. We will now have to find a new remedy for the remains of the bread. I do not like eating the end piece of bread, because it tends to dry out overnight. I know, I am spoilt.

When I see the famine conditions in Somali I should be ashamed of myself. We will never learn. I still have the memories of the Biafra famine as a result of the Nigerian civil war in the sixties. I heard a report on the news that thanks to help organisations, it is possible to bring food to the starving, but a solution has not yet been found to solving the whole famine problem.

Whilst on politics, I noticed that no-one in Europe wants to receive a visit from the Turkish minister. The Netherlands prevented his plane landing at the airport and Switzerland has cancelled any speeches he was planning to make when visiting the country,  with the result that he will not be coming because quite frankly speakin, he is unwelcome here. In the meanwhile Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey, is making speeches calling everyone else a Nazi and fascist, and that from a man who is in a unique position as a prime minister that has passed laws to ensure he will never loose the job, and wanting to pass more laws to make sure.  I wonder where he got his ideas from, but no, he established his ideas as the first. In the meanwhile there is still a German journalist in prison in Istanbul for saying things that Erdogan did not agree with, and we are the Nazis? What a mad world this is becoming.

Carnival cookie

In the meanwhile, look what I found in the kitchen cupboard, whilst searching for something. A paket containing one of the last carnival cookies available. Apparently it is a remainder from a paket Mr. Swiss bought. Carnival finished almost two weeks ago, so I assume that it will soon be eaten. You cannot keep carnival cookes for an unlimited time. They are a pastry deep fried in fat, and coated with icing sugar. Mr. Swiss said he would be eating it, the question is when: I hope very soon.

I noticed that our american colonists are doing something with the time today. It seems they have moved the time an hour forward, meaning that I will get my daily prompt at 3.00 p.m. instead of 2.00 p.m. This will not be a big problem, as I never begin before 3.00 p.m. in any case.  This also means that my good morning piece of world literature will also arrive later, so do not fear. It is all due to daylight saving and not because I have decided to hug my bed linen longer. With the great weather we are having at the moment, I usually take a walk at the beginning of the afternoon, so it does not really make a big difference to my time table.

Today is Sunday, day of rest for the non housewife domestic fairies, although no problem. I have everything under control. My crocus are now showing themselves from their best stide in the garden, so what could possibly go wrong 🙂

Crocus 10.03 (6)