Daily Prompt: Patterns of Life

Shadows 12.02 (4)

I take photos everywhere and of everything, but patterns fascinate me most of all. If the sun is shining into a darkened room it throws shadows and shadows become interesting. I grab the camera and there I am taking photos – of shadows. I even have a file named “Shadows” in my photo programme. I have a choice of shadows, but not every day is a shadow day. We now have wonderful spring weather, the sun is shining but in such a way that it is not making shadows, there is no light and dark and everything melts together.

The shadow pattern in the photo is caused by the sun shining through the venetian blinds in the living room, reflecting on the opposite corner, where there is our wooden television cabinet with the doors closed. If you have to stare into the screeen in the evening, you can at least hide it away during the day, that being our philosophy. Now you can see me as I was taking the photo, in the middle disturbing the horizontal pattern of the slats of the blinds.


I cannot even remember what this one was. Perhaps someone gave me a strange lamp and I decided to give it a polish. It was then that the genie began to appear granting three wishes. I must have decided that feeding another mouth at home would be too much, so I wished he would go back to where he came from. At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Since being a computer disciple and following various web sites, I have realised how much we become attached to patterns. If a certain  site, for example WordPress, because it is our common denominator, decides to change the pattern of their layout we can get confused, things are no longer where they were and the immediate reaction is to complain. I no longer complain. My mother-in-law had a fixed belief in politicians “they do what they want in any case”. I have discovered that these  wise words also can include our daily social network. Of course it is all in the interest of the victims – us, so why bother. The most recent pattern exchanged happened yesterday on my microsoft computer. Everything that ws left is now right, a pattern disturbane.

Today I am working on my apple computer and have discovered that everything that is left has remained left. This makes sense. Some time ago the pattern for our reader was changed, everything becoming minimised. Of course it was for our own good, we just do not always understand the methods in a madness. However, my apple computer still has the old proven reader pattern and has not changed. There must be a reason somewhere, but I cannot be bothered to find it and does it really matter? We professional computer freaks find our way through the complexities of these external influences.

Facebook also has a makeover with its pattern once a year, but who remembers how it used to be? And there is always an advantage in these mysterious make overs. It keeps the brain of a golden oldie alive and ticking.

So before concluding this patternised work of writing, let us not forget that nature also has her patterns. It is now approaching spring, so here are my anemones from last year and I hope they arrive again this year with this natural look – the leaves have already appeared.


Daily Prompt: Patterns of Life

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