Daily Prompt: Abstract composition

Today I went for a walk. We had the first real Spring day, wonderful warm weather, no snow and the sun was doing its best. Before I went on my walk, I saw the daily prompt theme and so could think about what would be possible to write over an abstract. Of course I took my camera with me, but abstracts are rare along a river bank.

And now I am at home, have uploaded my 60 photos and saved them all where they have to be saved and decided it was now the time to write my daily prompt. No problem, I know how it works, and even manage with the way WordPress have organised it. Some time ago we got a new design, but I adapted, and am happy with it. Today I sit at the computer to begin and what happens. The abstract features of this layout are on opposite sides. What was on the left side is now on the right side. If Picasso painted an abstract he might put a nose where an eye should be, or alter the proportions of the facial features, but WordPress have gone one better, they have managed to move things to opposite sides, they were probably misguided by today’s prompt. However, nevertheless I will continue undaunted and hope to bring this to a successful end.

I am sure WordPress are doing this to improve their site, but I am confused. And now to being abstract. I know there is no point in complaining because WordPress ignore our complaints, they know what is good for us, we do not and there must be a purpose in this new layout, although I am still searching for it.

River Aar Walk 10.03 (15)

This is not an abstract painting, but a photo of the sun reflecting on the surface of the river. I took the shot, not really expecting anything special, but this is the result. Diamonds are shimmering on the surface of the river. Of course not, it is all a mirage, an abstract painting on the river done by the sun reflecting on the water.

Easter 10.03 (1)
As I took the last path towards home, I noticed that my gifted artistic neighbour had been busy in her garden. It is such a lovely day and the right opportunity for a wonderful decoration. She always decorates for Easter, and this is her Easter tree. It is one of our easter customs, and at this time of the year the trees do not yet have leaves, so hang your painted Easter eggs on them. Of course I stopped to take a few photos.

I remember the days when it was tradition to colour eggs for Easter. I would cook a dozen eggs. We could buy various dyes for the eggs and the kids would decorate them, with all sorts of abstract details. One method was to tie various leaves and plants around the egg with thread and then boil the eggs in water with onion skins. Afterwards you had little abstract works of art on the eggs when you removed the thread and the plants against a brown background from the onion skins. There would be outlines of leaves and stalks left on the egg shell.

However, we now buy coloured eggs at Easter, just a few as the kids are not longer at home and it is just a custom.

I am now returning to reality as Mr. Swiss has just called that the evening meal is ready – nothing abstract about that, but the real thing.

Daily Prompt: Abstract Composition

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Abstract composition

    • It works, but you still have to get used to it and find the way. I absolutely see no advantage over the last version. I think these people are just bored with nothing to do and decide to invent work to keep them busy.

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    • Probably doesn’t exist. The only basic change on this template is that they have switched sides, probably to keep us awake. I read somewhere they have new development for google writers which I definately don’t need, so it might be something to do with that.


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