Colour Your World: Navy Blue

Blue monster film
The people you meet these days. I found this one in my garden shed. He was climbing up the wall. He said he was a bluey and was searching for others of his tribe. I told him to fly down to the river, as there were some blue ducks down there. He left and I have not seen him since, although I noticed there is now a nest in my garden cupboard with 4 square blue eggs, and a crack is developing in each one of them. I will have to keep an eye on that.

Photo from an advertisement screen in my local Supermarket

Colour Your World: Navy Blue

2 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Navy Blue

  1. I love it. These creatures , like most of the wee ones are hard to meet. They tend to stay in their world, not interacting much with humans. I am not sure why, maybe the see how clueless we can be. Please keep us up to date on the eggs, but don’t be surprised if they just disappear on you. The mothers tend to move them around on us. In our home the problem is the pixies, they love shiny things and borrow them for a while. For me it is my earrings. Every time I come up missing them I ask the pixies to return them when they are done and soon the earrings are back. Not where they got them of course as I always put them away and pixies never seem too. Hugs

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    • I can imagine the excitement you have. We have real gnomes in Switzerland, but we rarely see one. They live in bank vaults and take care of the money, especially the numbered bank accounts. The gnomes of Switzerland are a very mysterious breed and they never die. They do not lay eggs, just gold bars.

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