Good Morning

Neighbourhood cat 07.03 (1)

Introducing unknown cat. He arrived, or she, a couple of months ago as a kitten and the people it owns decided to let him discover the area. Since then the kitten is becoming a cat. It was never shy and even followed our 14 year old Tabby when she saw her outside. Tabby is not the sociable type, so pretended to ignore the newcomer on the block, but there were no fights, just a hiss now and again. She resembles Tabby, even has the MacDonalds “M” on the forehead.

Otherwise I am annoyed today. It is Thursday, the day we change the bed linen. I know I have plenty of time, nothing better to do all day, but I like to rise perhaps 10 minutes earlier to have my life timely under control. This morning we both awoke only around 7.30, which brought my timetable completey down. Mr. Swiss remained quite cool, but I did not. First things first, so I stripped my duvet and pillow and re-covered them with clean linen. Mr. Swiss then arrived and switched the light on. I cannot bear bright lights early in the morning. The blinds were open and there was enough daylight for me. I disappeared to the kitchen and left him to deal with the rest.

There were things to do and so I began with plugging in my iPad to give it strength for the day. I plugged in my Kindle for the same reason and moved my computer to the kitchen table. Took my diabetes tablet, made my tea and prepared bread for the birds and afterward my breakfast slices. It was now computer time and I am here.

Since I got my new iPad I had been answering messages and checking through the nightly movements from my bed, but this morning this was all destroyed by sleeping too long. My new iPad is super, with the largest capacity, and I am now really loving the advantages it has. I can write answers so quickly on it (from the bed in a horizontal position) and I can now add all the apps I need and wanted. My old iPad still works, but sometimes welcomes me with a black screen and wants to be uploaded again. The new one is always ready, day and night. Of course it does not replace a computer, never will for me, and I would never write my bloggy stuff on it – too much organisation with photos and text, but as a lazy solution, it is ideal.

Anyhow I am now more or less up to date, a quarter of an hour later. Sounds silly I now, after all I am not going places today, at least not this morning. I just like to have time for everything without stress. I do not wake earlier because of my online life, I just get bored laying awake in bed and doing nothing. I now have the ideal solution, thanks to new iPad, as long as I do not sleep until almost 7.30 a.m.

This morning I have a few windows to clean, just to keep up appearances on the window front and save more strenuous work by not doing them. I have realised with my golden oldie experience, that doing things regularly means less time spent on them and is not such a strenuous task. This afternoon, all being good on the weather front, I will take my camera for a walk, or it might take me for a walk.

I can hear churchbells ringing in the background, so it might be one of those church things today – no idea, but it sounds good. It is a dull day and raining.

I must now go, have caught up on everything it seems – oh the stress life of a golde oldie – yes we have problems, but by the end of the day we can look back on it all and wonder what the problem was in the beginning.

Have a good day everyone, take it easy – like me 🙂

Magpie 08.03 (2)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I can adapt quite well for a doctors appointment or a visit to somewhere, but otherwise I do not like stress. It is not really the routine I need, just do not like things interrupting my plans. Perhaps it all amounts to the same

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  1. Good morning to you too! I love my iPad too, and prefer it to the laptop. I do all my blog posts on the iPad. I’m glad I got the largest capacity one, it must be full of photos by now! But I expect they are floating around in a Cloud somewhere, and I dont really understand how it works.

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    • My iPad will never replace my computer(s) (Laptops), but it is comfortable when relaxing like now with a cuppa after dinner.Cloud is a strange thing but I am slowly getting the hang of it. You have a certain capacity free and when that is used you pay for more, but they are very generous. I now pay 1 Swiss franc per month for my increase and it is a big increase. I never keep photos on my iPad or iPhone. I don’t need to as they go automatically into my Flickr app.


    • Things could only get better and I managed Ok. Today looks better. Am already dealing with stufff from my bed, nicely relaxed, thanks to iPad. Weekend shopping list done, everything under control, so what could possibly go wrong 🙂


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