Daily Prompt: Nuance of the Day

This morning Mr. Swiss disappeared for a few hours. He often does that on Thursday, although this morning I believe he had some sort of doctor’s appoinmtment. It is just a nuance that he was not here. I kept myself busy with cleaning windows – could that be the reason that he left happily? I suppose he was glad not to be in my way . how considerate. He knows I do not like people interfering when I concentrate on window cleaning.

However, when he returned, I had cleaned the windows, had a lunch of spaghetti cooking and he brought me a gift: a box of Twinings extra strong breakfast tea, and a box of Twinings Lady Grey tea. Not really a nuance,, but a necessity.  He noticed that my supply was dwindling, and you have to visit the Co-Op for Twinings tea as the Swiss national supermarket Migros stocks other brands and I must have my Twinings. They have such pretty boxes – just a nuance.

As he paid for the goods at the cash desk he was given three plastic sacheés containining the newest gift nuances from the Co-op and here they are.


They might resemble a small gift for the purchaser, but they they were a big gift for m. The are knwn as “emoji” according to the name on the little plastic package. This was the answer to my daily problem of what to write for a prompt: a thumbs up sign, a Victory symbol and a yellow guy with sun glasses. What is a nuance? Of course it is a subtle difference and I now had one. I had a purpose in my blogging life. The next step was to take a photo of my three Emoji, which was not so easy. I decided a black background would be the best choice. Mr. Swiss was not so happy as I chose our highly polished black sideboard and he was convinced that my studio portrait would leave marks, especially as each object had a suction pad to make sure it would not fall. I then organised my three objects to lay on their side, not needing the section pad – just a nuance, but saving a mark on the furniture and making Mr. Swiss a happy Mr. Swiss.

I decided to read more about these wonderful free gifts from the Co-op. You receive them with each purchase amounting to 20 Swiss Francs and there are 24 well-known symbols amongst which as the well-known laughing Smiley, the Unicorn or a heart. What could be better, and Mr. Swiss has now been given instruction to make purchases in the Co-Op. The special offer lasts only until 15th April and per 20 Swiss francs of spending money you receive such an object. I now need only 21×20 Swiss Francs to have a complete colleciton = 420 Swiss Francs to be spent in the Co-Op – just a nuance really. Why are Co-Op doing this? It seems that their spokesman said that Emojis are today a favourite method of communication and are no longer to be omitted from daily nuances life.

I find them pretty and amusing and cannot imagine how my day was complete without them. I think I will stick them on my computer, I am sure they will be an supplement to my day, adding a nuance to my life.

Whew, I found a nuance to write about – these prompts are getting more complex by the day.

Daily Prompt: Nuance of the Day

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