Colour Your World: Midnight Blue

Blue Orchid

I had to have it. It cost more than the “normal” orchids but I had never seen a blue orchid before, and so I bought one. Usually orchids live for a couple of months, but this one only survived a month. I kept it afterwards, but it eventually decided to give up. So much for blue orchids, you cannot trust them.

Colour Your World: Midnight Blue

8 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Midnight Blue

  1. Aren’t the orchids treated in some fashion to create this blue?
    Or maybe I just made this up!
    It does look nice though
    My wife is a big fan, and we have a number of varieties around the property, inside and out.

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    • I don’t know how they do it, and you do not often see them in this colour, but I do not think it is a natural colour for an orchid. I also buy an orchid now and again, but in Switzerland we keep them indoors and only during the summer in pots outside. I like them because they maintain the flowers for so long.

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