Photo Challenge: Wish

Jesuit Church, Solothurn

Being an atheist, my only interest in visitng churches is for a good photo, or perhaps it might be a family wedding or funeral, so I am not into the details of what is actually going on. However, our area is a catholic area, and they love to light a candle, usually in front of an altar or painting, as in this case. The candles are probably expressing wishes of some kind, and why not?

Photo Challenge: Wish

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Wish

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    • I didn’t know a photo card can get hacked. I have two hard disks, and the computer with all my photos as well as Flickr online, where I have almost 20,000 photos. I once lost some when a hard disk broke, but I managed to recover most from my online host and I learnt not to rely on one hard disk. Churches are chapels are great sources for photos and graveyards are also very rewarding.


      • I had just returned from a trip to Nicaragua and went straight to work on the ship. Somehow, while I was there, while I was looking at my pictures on the ships computer, my thumb drive where I had been downloading and storing all my photos from the trip (10000s) was infected with a virus. I was blackmailed. They wanted $500 (in Bitcoin ONLY), and I had to pay them within one week. Sadly, it took me longer than a week to figure out how to get bitcoin and so they doubled their price. I would have to pay $1000 to get my photos back (and who knows what else they might have done). I gave up and did not pay. I’m still very upset about the situation. Now I back up all my photos on at least 3 different places, but still very hard to do when traveling.

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