Good Morning

Jura 07.03 (1)

The Swiss weather forecasters said it would snow, but in the lowlands it was just plain cold with rain. I went for a walk yesterday and armed with the zoom lens took a photo of the first chain of the Jura mountains, and yes, there was snow, a lot f snow, but it is higher. Even the sun came out now and again.

At least the mountains are still there. We had an earthquake in Switzerland on Monday evening just after 9.00 p.m. I am sure your news bulletins on the TV and radio as well as the newspapers were full of this sensation. You did not know? OK, I suppose judging the size of Switzerland compared to other countries, it could disappear into a hole in the ground and no-one would notice. Of course, those with their numbered bank accounts would, but they are only the few rich and famous, not even I have a numbered account and I live in the country. To reassure you all I am safe in my part of Switzerland. According to the earthquake measuring system it was a small one, 4,6 on the scale, so nothing devestating. It happed on the Klausen Pass. somewhere in the alps, but no big deal, perhaps a few plates and cups fell from the shelves of the hotel and some mountain animals were a bit shaken up.

We did not feel it where I live, although I read a few remarks in Facebook from some people in the area that noticed a few window frames were shaking. The authorities say it was not a seirous quake and there might be a few aftershocks, but we will survive. Not that Switzerland is famous for earthquake sensations. There was a big one in Basel some time in the 12th centuary but as no-one today is alive to tell the true story we do not know details, but it was not fake news. I remember about 25 years ago one morning when I awoke to discover our appartment block was creaking at the joints and my bed was shaking. Mr. Swiss also awoke and told me to stop pushing his bed. I told him that we were probably feeling a small earthquake and we were. Again we survived, but a few nervous people ran out on the street dressed in their night clothes for safety. I just went back to sleep.

The last time the earth moved here was about 5-10 years ago. I did not really feel it move, but there was a strange rumble culminating in a bang – no, a big bang. The neighbours dog began to howl and I went down to the cellar as our gas installations were there – we have floor heating driven by gas. Everything was as normal, so you switch on the radio – yes we are very practical. There was an earth tremor in the Jura with the epicentre being in Lommiswill, about a 5-10 minute car drive away. Again, it did not get into the New York Times.  Dinosaur footprints were once fond  in that part of the Jura. You can still see them, although I do not know if I would recognise one if I saw one. Dinosaurs did not die from an earthquake, I think it was some sort of global thing.

Anyhow we survived again and life goes on as usual. If one day there is no Good Morning news here, it might be due an earthquake, but more likely that I prefer to hug my bed.

As you can see, nothing really exciting happens here, so if you get an earthquake it is big news.

As I said, I went for a walk yesterday afternoon. I was glad to get out of the house for a change and go places to see things. I only got to the local stables and took a few photos of various ducks, geese and horses, no big deal. I also noticed that they are building some sort of small shelter next to the pond, probably for the ducks. Perhaps they might begin to build a nest, which would be great: photos of ducklings perhaps.

Today is shopping day, so they are letting me out to make the surroundings unsure. Mr. Swiss said he has started a shopping list, so sharing a shopping list cloud on my phone, I just had a look. Yes all life’s necessities are on the list, including Pepsi Cola and a cucumber. We prefer Pepsi to Coca Cola, an acquired taste.

We have also decided to let the bird food go to an end and let the birds clear the remainders. They can now find their own food and the gardener will be arriving at the end of the month and will remove the bird house for us. And it seems another Winter is again approaching its end. It was a good Winter, no stress and for the first time in my golden oldie life I quite enjoyed it.

Time to go and do things that all housewives should do after breakfast.

I will be back, if we do not have an earthquake in between.

Chickens 07.03 (1)

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. #InternationalWomensDay needed this, uplifting humour to brighten up a dull dreary Wednesday, at least it is on my little patch thanks for the smile, must remember the next time the earth shakes to check if there was a slight tremor.

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  2. I think every place where there are mountains can have earthquakes. We have — like you — little ones around here. Even our version of “bigger” quakes are pretty small. We live on old earthquake faults. Hopefully, that is exactly how they will stay.

    You know … if you look at that first picture, that mountain looks like a human skull. Just saying.

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    • The authorities afterwards explained in our case that two tectonic plates decided to have a meeting and so the earth rumbled. Switzerland is a know place for earthquakes in Europe, we havr a couple of plates that tend to get together. The scientists say the big one will come along again one day, but it seems that Basel – about 80 kilometers distance from us, weill get the big big one again one day. We just get little rumbles whre we live.

      Get the skuill, but that is because of the snow clad trees. That mountain is always our background, so you just get used to it.


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