Good Morning

Crows 06.03 (5)

Mr. or Mrs. Crow says good morning as she or he gathers the breakfast. I thought this might be a female. Your can tell the difference in the blackbirds by the yellow beak and the females are not really black, more brownish with a few spots. Crows all look the same. Some are bigger. We have one that visits every morning, the first one. He struts around as if he owns the place and always has first pickins, so I assume he is the leader of the pack. I decided to discover more and had a look in Internet. From what I read only a detailed examination of the crow would show male or female. As crows do not usually allow humans to pick them up and make a detailed examination, they keep their secrets for themselves and we will never know.


I should really now chop the remains of my sedum. I leave it during the Winter as I find it a pretty arrangement in the landscape, but now I noticed the fresh new leaves are appearing on the ground, and it disurbs a clear view of the crows when they make their landing and flying manoevres. It also interferes with the camera because their feeding place on the lawn is in a direct line behind the sedum.

Yesterday’s weather forecast predicted snow for today, but no snow, just rain. Yesterday it only rained once, all day, and today does not look much better. Yesterday did not bother me so much as I had no great plans, but since last week I have not been on a safari in the area, but cooped up at home. I must be developing some sort of panic phobia about it, but do not know what it is called – something like a convent complex.

This morning is the morning of bathroom cleaning: not my favourite job, but there comes a time when these things have to be done and what else am I to do. I cannot just sit on the computer all morning, after all I am not a computer addict, I just love my computer(s). So I wil be busy polishing the tiles and the taps and feeling reassured as a domestic fairy. This afternoon I would love to go places and take photos, but not in this dreary rainy weather.

I noticed that Trump is no longer the favourite of Facebook rants, which is a shame. I loved to read what his latest deed is, it keeps me up with the real news as opposed to the fake news, but wait, he is now convinced he is being followed by the secret service, the former president being behind it all of course. What a life, how terrible to be followed everywhere, it could lead to a persecution complex. One thing disappoints me. I read constantly that he tends to wear his bath robe when at home in his private appartment, and I am still waiting for the photo to prove it. I mean it could be fake news.

I have come to the conclusion that Swiss politics are boring. We have elections for new representatives of the parliament in a few weeks, but I am sure they will not be as exciting. I have not even heard the cry “Switzerland first”, it would be a good slogan.

And now there are things to do and places to go like a bathroom. The sparrows are gathering outside in the garden and having a lively discussion about who gets the remaining bread after the crows have left. I noticed my crocus still exist, although looking quite wet and bedraggled.

Have a nice day everyone, and if you are bored just look in and you will noticed that there are people, like me, that are even more bored that they have to begin the day with their computer hoping that the good morning words will be heard to the furthest countries, like perhaps Azerbaijan or Patagonia – you never know.


23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning! I have not been to bed yet so I was delighted to see your post pop up in my email inbox. I really loved the part of not being on the computer all day. And that you love your computers. I can understand the latter, but the former confuses me. I also love my computers, accessories, and extra devices to stay connected to the entire world. See I do spend all day on the computers and online. Yesterday I started about 9 AM and I was just closing down for bed when I saw your post. I had a good laugh at my obsession with it all, blogs, email, twitter, news videos, and written news. Well I am finally off to bed. Have a great day. Hey the rain gives you a reason to spend more time online. πŸ™‚ Hugs


    • Mornings I am on the computer with my breakfast about an hour. Afterwards I switch it off and put it on its shelf and forget it. From 3 in the afternoon I am again in action, perhaps later if I take a walk About 8.30 evening it is again put on the shelf until the next morning. For any in between stuff I have my iPad. At the moment I am writing on my iPad relaxing in an armchair . I don’t want to sit at the computer all day. I like to relax with a book and also have housework or cooking, although Mr. Swiss helps me a lot.

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      • I found I was able to do a lot more on the IPad after I got a keyboard for it. I just couldn’t master the touch screen keyboard for anything over a few words. I love the way you do it and when. I use to do other things besides the computer and other devices. The truth is as I was trying to say what I did and be funny about the fact I am limited in my abilities. All I can do right now is the computers. After a couple operations I hope to be able to do more, but even then I will be strictly limited. I can not do most house chores but I do try to do little stuff. I love the time on the computers because it is my doorway to the world. My way of seeing you and how you live. Well I am off to read what else you posted while I tried to sleep. Be well Hugs

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        • I understand very well. I was diagnosed with MS, although probably had it slowly creeping up on me over the last 30-40 years, going unnoticed. If you are not so gifted with physical exercises, which I have never been, you just tend to think you are not fit. With time I was not walking so well and had a fall. My doctor sent me to a neurologist, he sent me for hospital examinations and the result was MS. It does not get better and there is no cure, but you can slow it down with injections, which I have to do myself every second day. I have now become my own nurse. I still do the housework and I go for walks. I now need a cane for support and safety, but I really only use it outside. At home I manage on my own. My computers are also my doorway and I have met some wonderful people here. I manage ok on my iPad without keyboard. What I like are the word suggestions, and it also works in German. Now and again I need the german and am not so perfect, although people understand me.

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  2. I have a day off sick (yesterday’s dinner did not agree with me plus a severe, persistent headache), so I spent my morning in bed. Now I had to leave my lair, I am having the cold rest of the bread and butter pudding (hoping that will stay down – if not I am off to the doctor) and feed grass to my toothless cat. I restrict sitting on front of this screen on sick days – if I could stand a screen, I could go to work, after all.

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    • Sorry you were under the weather and hope you are soon on the road to recovery. As a golden oldie I can now choose my screen time, although I have other things to do with my life. At the moment the miserable weather is keeping me indoors and I would rather be out and about.

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  3. I’ll wish you a good afternoon, though it is very early morning here, 6:14 a.m. πŸ™‚ … What we would call getting restless from being cooped up in the house, not being able to get out because of maybe the weather, is ‘cabin fever’. Hope it clears up and you can go out for more photo opportunities!

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    • Mr. Swiss just tells me the sun is shining, so I might break out this afternoon, before it begins to rain again. Just finished my golden oldie midday sleep and am ready to go. πŸ™‚

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  4. As an American, I am so ashamed of Trump that I refuse to read anything about him, isn’t that what he wants? All the attention. Yet, yet, yet, I cannot escape him……I had already seen the blurb about Obama and the secret service, if I do anything on the computer, bits of this type of news leak out. I feel awful to have a mentally unbalanced, paranoid person as head of state. By the way, we have hundreds of either crows or ravens that scavenge the garbage cans of San Francisco. I keep meaning to figure out the difference between the two. Your lovely photo makes me almost like them. The weird thing is that 20 years ago, there were none here. (I think they are ravens–they are huge)

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  5. We have three kinds of crows. Ravens, which are MUCH bigger. Regular crows, who are pretty big and live inland … and fish crows, who look exactly like regular ones, but are smaller. In areas near water, fish and regular crows will breed with each other. They are apparently the same species, just different sizes. I’ve always lived near water, so pretty much all the crows I’ve seen, with the except of a few ravens once in a while, are all the smaller ones … but where YOU live, you probably see both kinds and maybe from the same nests, too.

    Birds are so interesting πŸ™‚

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    • We just have crows and they all look alike to me. I remember the ravens from the Tower of London but they were very superior and majestic There has been a colony there for hundreds of years. We live near the river but you rarely see them by the river. We live in farming land and the crows like to hang out around the fields where there is always something to munch.


  6. On the day we left I had exactly the same reaction to cutting off the dead sedums of last year. As it was raining cats and dogs and crows and pigeons – and anyway, as it was 6am and we were on our way out to far away, I put it off to tomorrow or a day later when we’re back with my landscape gardener son….. πŸ™‚
    Agree with most of your ponderings, always …. Where we live now crows are not the problem, it’s the pigeons and magpies to worry about. Further down the foodchain, it’s the cats who chase the remaining few birds, after the crows and pigeons and magpies have had their say – makes me quite sad sometimes. I admit that there are morning where I wish for a ‘Luftgewehr’ or a very powerful water pistol to scare those beasts off – we have so few birds left. The garden is firmly in the paws and claws of the above ment. terrorist-minded gang πŸ™‚

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    • After growing up in London living in the country is wonderful I love living amongst the birds, cows and other animals, even cats – I had three myself. Our cat is now too old to chase other animals and I rarely see any problems where I live. The only problem we could have would be foxes and luckily they stay in the fields where they belong.


  7. Trump is a train wreck. I should look away, but I just cannot help myself. Yes, I am sure Trump in a bathrobe is fake news. Sean Spicer said (a few weeks ago) that Trump doesn’t even own a bathrobe….which left a lot of people scratching their heads. Uh….Spicer, how would you know that? I think now is a good time to look away.

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