Daily Prompt: I no longer ruminate

Cows in Feldbrunnen

If I told this cow to stop ruminating he would look at me as if I was mad. If a cow cannot ruminate, he has no purpose in his bovine life. He likes to dwell on his meals, they bring back tasty memories.

Some humans are always ruminating, working it all out, trying to solve the problems that life throws at us.

I remember my working days, exporting stuff all over the world was not easy at the time, because my job meant doing it from the beginning to the end and following it step by step, making no mistakes. Problems often occurred and you took them home with you and perhaps ruminated during the evening on how to solve them, or what would happen if they could not be solved. I discovered you either forgot them and hope no-one noticed or you constantly turned them over in your mind. The funny thing was that when you returned to the office the next morning, you just carried on as usual, and discovered that the end of the world was not nigh, and the problems seemed to have disappeared during the night. However, these were not permanent problems.

I am now retired since 8 years, and all the problems from my working days have disappeared. Things change and who cares what I did in an office so many years ago. There have been many occupying my seat since, and the work has now been refined. There is no longer someone doing it from the beginning to the end and carrying responsibility. That job and the responsibility, which I was quite proud of at the time, has now become a conveyer belt, and there is no one person doing it all, but many people all doing it bit by bit. I do not know how it works, and quite honestly I do not care. It is no longer my responsibility, but that is a paid job.

On the private side of life, you ruminate about problems in connection with the family, the children, illnesses, but that is life. I spent at least 20 years ruminating about my father. He was on his own, and growing older. I had to ruminate about moving him from his home, which was no longer safe for him, having to climb stairs to the bedroom and toilet. I contacted the local government care and the wheels began to turn, slowly but surely. I was in Switzerland, dad was in England, but today we have e-mails and telephones and it worked. Dad was moved to a care home with his own appartment and people to look after him at the age of 9o. However, my ruminations were not complete. Dad could no longer walk without assistance, and now and again he would have a fall. Telephone from England to tell me not to worry, but he would be in hospital for a couple of days. Dad recovered and I was relieved, knowing that any day it could repeat itself, which it did. I no longer ruminated, I had a damocles sword hanging over my head. I visited dad every year. Of course I noticed that he was aging, but we could still hold conversations and he would still read the newspaper, or even solve crosswords.

I was in England to celebrate his 100th birthday with him. I returned home, but was not relaxed. I knew one day I would be faced with the final problem. Dad passed away last year.

Today I am 70 years old, and no longer ruminate so much. Life has taught me that there will always be problems, I will become a problem myself one day, but at the moment I take things as they come.

Daily Prompt: I no longer ruminate

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I no longer ruminate

  1. I know. Sometimes, though, you just can’t really help it, can you. Things just get you and you brood. I’ve been brooding and it doesn’t make ANYTHING better. So I’m off brooding and I’m going to just read until my brain goes away.

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  2. I wouldn’t call ruminate what I’m doing; I am in ‘constant connection’ with what’s going on around me and especially as to what’s going on with family and friends. Have been 2 days in CH to see both mothers and family it’s true, it becomes more and more evident that time is going faster and we’re all not getting younger. I sadly cannot ever shake off the whirring wheels of my mind when I go to bed and although I know perfectly well that my ‘ruminating’ is changing nothing at all and that ‘tomorrow will be another day’…. well, it’s easily said and not so easily done.
    Great post – who’s the photo of????? Oh stop; I didn’t see that before, it’s a YT-video – shall listen to it now.
    Sleep well my friend – you’re doing just fine with your 70 years…. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, on Sunday it was Hero Husband’s birthday, two days before his day, one day before, on the day and one day later we had a total of EIGHT birthdays within the small circle of friends – and now you too!!!! All the best

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    • My 70th birthday was last December 6th so I have to wait for some for the next. My annual visits to England are now finished. I no longer have a strong reason to visit..I can now relax and take it easy.


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