Good Morning


Looking at this early morning view from my patio, it looks like “they’re here” according Stephen King in one of his books. If you do not know where to begin a blog, then start with a picture, and in my case a dawn picture. This one looks like that doomsday has arrived, and as an addition a crow decided to fly over. However, it can only get better, although it is freezing cold outside.

So what shall we do today? I have no idea. I will probably cook one of my five star menus for lunch to feed the family, although we do have a MacDonalds in town next to the station, so that is always a possibility, although I am not the “Big Mac” type. I prefer it plain and simple with some onions and a pickled cucumber piece. We actuallly have a MacDonalds factory in one of the neighbouring villages, supplying the MacDonalds of Switzerland with their hamburgers. As long as you do not know what they actually contain they are OK. Family Angloswiss has eaten them all over Europe: Paris, Zürich, Vienna and London, as well as in New York and they all taste the same. There is also no problem with ordering a hamburger in other countries and it seems to be an international word.

If the weather remains walking weather, I may go places with the camera this afternoon. I am thinking about an excursion into town, perhaps even with the car. My camera is tired of taking photos of ducks, swans and chickens.

Blackbird 04.03.2017

I was busy with the camera in the garden yesterday and caught this blackbird looking for food, although he did not have to wander very far. The ground is full of the remains of the bird seed battle. My neighbour has already removed her  bird feeder from the garden. The weather is more friendly, no sign of snow, so they can find their own food. They seem to be invading our garden now. I even saw the chief crow on an inspection in my garden yesterday. They usually remain on the borders. Birds seem to have an extra antenna for movement. I see them all in the garden and when I approach the window to take a photo, the fly away, although if I remain still for a few minutes they return.

Computer Breakfast

My breakfast and computer early morning is now finished so I will now depart for a new adventure. There are things to do, like plugging in my vacuum cleaner and places to go, like a bathroom. Oh, what an exciting life I lead.

Have a good Sunday wherever you are in the world, and don’t read too much about politics on the computer, it is so depressing and as my mum always said, there are more out than in, and Twitter did not even exist when she was alive.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Freezing in New York City also. Last week of Feb. the temps were in the 40s & 50s as soon as March came in the temps dipped to the teens and 20s. Brrrr!!! I guess this is what the saying means that March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb!!

    As for politics my sacrifice if you can call it that for Lent is to give up or at least limit reading about Orange Head in the Oval Office. Every newspaper headline is depressing! Ugh! Just tying to concentrate on Blessings and Good News for the Lenten season!!

    Have a great Week!!

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    • We get some freezing during the night, but it’s warmer during the day but we have some cold winds. March doesn’t look so bad at the moment and the crocus are already flowering.

      I really try to avoid passing comments on carrot head, I just don’t understand how someone like him gets a job like he has.

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