Daily Prompt: On the Search for vivid.

Today I planned a walk this afternoon, no perhaps a car journey to the nearby town. I wanted to tank up on photographic material, and in general to tank up on everything. It has been a dull day, and now to complete the picture, it is raining which lead to the fact that I am now still at home and watching the rain fall.  I am now supposed to write about something vivid, but I am not in a vivid mood, more a miserable mood. Of course I could forget the whole thing and read a book, but I am not in the mood. Even my imagination is not very vivid at the moment. However, where there is a will there is a way, so when you do not have or see vivid, then organise vivid.

The only news I have is that after almost two months of development, my avocado experiment, the second one, not only has a root, but a small stalk. Avocados are not very vivid and also not very photogenic, but I applied my creative talent and found a small torchlight. This was the solution to non-vivid. I illuminated my egg cup and took a photo.

Avocado 05.03 (1)

Note the root growing at the bottom of the avocado. I will now have to go into action and plant the whole thing. I already have a developing avocado which is now quite tall and has 10 large pointed leaves, with new leaves sprouting at the top. As soon as the weather is warmer I will shift it to the porch and replant it in a bigger pot. I will then transfer this new aspiring avocado bush to the original pot. This is so exciting, it is food for my vivid imagination. I am looking forward to the first harvest.

And that is all I have to say on this subject on a non-vivid dull day where nothing is happening.

Apple Tart 04.03 (1)

Although I still have vivid memories of the apple tart that Mr. Swiss baked yesterday. It was delicious as always, and I will be enjoying the remainder this evening.

Daily Prompt: On the Search for vivid.

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: On the Search for vivid.

  1. I am just eating a Bread and Butter pudding (not as good as the one in Cornwall, but edible) – and the apple tart reminds of it. Rather darkish, but not burnt.
    The photo of the avocado is great!

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    • I don’t think I have ever eaten a bread and butter pudding. It was made famous by Anton Mosimann, a swiss cook at the Dorchester hotel at the time, in London. He did a BBC programme for cooking a cheap 5 star meal for a working class family and he chose bread and butter pudding as the dessert. Although the bread and butter pudding has always be known in england.
      I really did not know where to go with this word, and the only thing that came to my mind was my new avocado experiement, but I had to illuminate it, because otherwise you would not see the stalk.

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    • It is a typical Swiss Thing. Slice apples and arrange them on a tin lined with pastry and bake for about 15-20 minutes.. Remove the tin from the oven. Mix two eggs, milk (we use cream), sugar and a little cornflower and pore it over the half cooked apples in the pastry in the tin and bake for a further 20 minutes. Sprinkle with sugar and cinammon and eat.

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  2. I used to make a bread pudding to die for, but one of my diabetic friends almost did … after which I toned down the recipe. Then I just didn’t bother because no one ate that way anymore. I got the recipe from a pretty high end restaurant in New Orleans and if you really follow the recipe, it’s amazing. But if you add that much butter and sugar to anything, it’s bound to taste good. I think I’d rather go with the apple and custard 🙂

    It was all great yesterday and the day before, but it is lovely outside today. NO idea what’s coming in the next week. It’s been a crazy weather period!

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    • I grew up with bread pudding, it was one of the east end cakes, but not to be confused with bread and butter pudding. Bread pudding is the left over bread soaked in water, squeezed out and mixed with mixed spice, dry fruit, sugar and baked for about 2 hours. It is OK, but my family did not appreciate the english way of life, and referred to it as a “rubber pudding”.


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