Good Morning

Helleborus Lenten Rose

Look what I found in the garden beginning to blossom. It is a so-called lenten rose, helleborus, a relation of the white Christmas Rose which already shows its white flowers just after Christmas, one of the first. However, the lenten rose is the second. Some time in early February we cut away the old leaves from last year, because the new flowers begin to appear. I have had this one at least 15 years and it arrives regularly. I just leave it, and it also spreads its seeds, so new plants continuously appear, but are not big threat to taking over.

Catkins 26.02 (6)

I also noticed on my walk yesterday, that the catkins are now out, one of the first to show on the hazel branches. Not long now and the first daffodils will be appearing.

I got a message from my Microsoft computer yesterday that my apps also run in the background when I am not using the computer and this could somehow deplete the energy of my transformer – and who wants to replace a transformer, they are expensive, although I have been there and done it with past computers. I really sometimes have a feeling that computers are some sort of threat, hovering and waiting to pounce. I mean what is a computer without an app. I noticed lately, that even if my Microsoft computer tells me that it only posseses 91% of what it should possess when I switch it on. I was sure that someone or something was using my computer when I was sleeping.

Today I had a look. I think the computer realised I was now aware of this mysterious infiltration of power as this morning everything was at 100%. However I examined my apps and discovered that perhaps all 36 were not really necessary. I had apps that have never been applied – after all for what do I have Chrome with all its tags. I very rarely used my apps, only the Malwarebytes and Crap cleaner when I am finished with my online tasks. I have now reduced them to 21 apps and am still thinking about the remainder. Computer I am now watching you, so behave.

Otherwise today is a day when I relax and have fun at home as a domestic goddess and cook. I have no big plans to go places, although you never know.

On my walk yesterday afternoon, I noticed these Spring flowers in a neighbour’s garden, so thought I would share them.

Crocus 03.03 (3)

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You are definitely into spring there. We had the warm weather and I know the crocus are up, but the crocus are usually up this time of year. I think I’ll know it’s really EARLY when the lilacs come up. They usually show up in the middle of May. Last year, they were up at the beginning of the month, about a week early. It’s gotten pretty cold again. Not “snowy” cold, but too cold to walk around in tee shirts or even sweat shirts. On the up side, I don’t think we’re going to get more snow, though there have been freakish snow storms all over the country.

    The weather is really … weird.

    I don’t have much in the way of apps. I have some in a bag — the back up hard drives, the DVD player, flash drives … and all those different battery chargers. Otherwise, though, ON the computer, it’s just one little USB plug for my CD card from the camera and my mouse. That’s it. But I do have that bag of stuff for the occasional times when I need it. And occasionally, I definitely need it. I just needed ALL of it pretty recently!

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    • It is really spring here now, no more sign of snow or cold weather, although you never know. It needs only one cold spell and the snow returns. Our local mountain and the alps are full of snow. I still wear my padded jacket when going out, but probably not much longer. I am permenently in t-shirts at home and have even worn my shorts now and again in the last couple of weeks.
      What I mean by apps are not the hardware or even software on the computer. An app for me are the little windows you put on your iPad or iPhone. Now Microsoft also has them and you can upload them into various squares. I had a lot and discovered I never used them. It is more a direct line to what you want to see on the computer, but I have all the links in Google Chrome in various tabs and connections, so really do not need it all double.
      Otherwise I have two external hard drives for my photos as a backup and I can put my card from the camera direct into a slot on the computer. Otherwise I have a memory stick with my passwords, but do not really attach that very much, only when there is a new password or a pasword change. I do not keep passwords on the computer.


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