Daily Prompt: Parlay with me


“Why are you taking a photo of those dead amaryllis flowers?”

“They are not dead, just parlayed with death.”

“They did what?”

“Yes I have a new word. It’s like when you change something for something  better for profit of course. I am parlaying my expensive amaryllis for something more valuable.*

“Are you sure that is what it means. I thought it came from french “to speak”.”

“That as well I suppose, but in this sense of the word my expensive amaryllis flower has now completed it life circle and is no longer a flower.”

“Exactly, it is dead.”

“Am I dead because I had children?”

“Of course not, but you cannot compare a human being to a flower.”

“When I was younger you often compared me to a rose.”

“Yes, but that was before you added 20 kilo to your weight and your hair was a wonderful shade of brown.”

“My hair is still a wonderful shade. There are people that pay money to have highlights put into their hair.”

“But you do not have highlights, it is a natural golden oldie transformation to grey.”

“To revert to the original conversation. I am parlaying with my amaryillis.

Amaryllis seeds

This is my second amaryllis flower, and the first has now produced seeds, like children.”

“So what has this to do with a parlay.”

“To be quite honest I do not really know, but I am doing my best here with this stupid unknown word, so stop criticising. I payed at least 20 Swiss francs for this amaryllis complete with pot and earth. I have nurtured it, giving it to drink and watched it grow and flower and now seeds have developed. Now the time has come to claim my reward.”

“But no-one is going to buy a plant with dead and shrivelled flowers.”

“I am not selling a plant with dead and shivelled flowers I will plant the seeds that have now developed. New amaryllis bulbs will grow. There must be a least 20 seeds in one pod, and I will probably have about 4 pods per flower stalk, on two stalks. That  amounts to 4×20 per stalk x2 for two stalks – 160 x2=320 new amaryllis bulbs at 20 Swiss francs each = 640 swiss Francs profit.”

“But probably not in our lifetime. Do you realise how long it would take for the bulbs to develop and produce flowers from the seeds: at leat 5 years. Your hair will then no longer have highlights, but will be completely silver, if the experiment succeeds.”

“Of course it will succeed.”

“And where are these 640 bulbs going to grow and develop?”

“No problem, in summer I can put them outside in the garden.”

“And in winter when it snows and temperatures drop below freezing point.”

“Oh, I didn’t think of that, but am sure to find room somewhere inside.”

“But not in my living room.”

“But I have my orchids in the living room and they never bothered you.”

“You cannot compare 5 orchids with 640 amaryllis bulbs, which will probably never survive. And you will have to buy 640 pots for your bulbs, and fertiliser. There wil not be very much profit left.”

“You know what, you are right. This is  stupid word in any case. Perhaps I could sell you for something more co-operative and supportive.”

“No problem, just make sure the new owner does not have a dead amaryllis.”

Daily Prompt: Parlay with me

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Parlay with me

  1. Maybe you should take up singing “Kiss of Fire?” that does it for Garry. He gets giggly. When I take pictures of him, I tend to slice off the top of his head. We don’t have to worry about where his hair went … and it looks artistic. Parlay is the kind of conversation you have with your boss in the hopes of getting a raise.

    No one is giving me a raise.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No more bosses, and those conversations never really happened. Either you got an annual raise, or you didn’t. I canot remember anyone actually discussing it.
      Now and again we might have a singinjg match if something reminds us of a song we used to sing. I know a lot of old english songs, and Mr. Swiss is more into jazz songs. I do not think Kiss of Fire is one of them. I find it difficuilt with portraits to get everything nicely symmetrical. Selfies are the best mistakes you can make, they are so distorted.


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