Colour Your World: Outer Space

Sparrow in Migros. Langendorf

From a sparrow’s eye view in a supermarket, he was definitely in outer space. I do not know about the colour, as sparrows are probably colour blind, but this is an outer space colour scheme.

Last Friday I was with Mr. Swiss gathering the week-end shopping in the supermarket and we were just marching with our trolley towards the cash desk when Mr. Swiss pointed out our feathered friend flying around the shelves and eventually perched on the floor. I did not need telling twice, my mobile phone camera was ready for the action photos. I took a couple of the sparrow sitting on the ground and then he decided he had better things to do and flew up to the ceiling. A ceiling in a supermarket is a designer construction, and there are so many look-out towers for a sparrow to sit and watch the action.

Sparrow decided a comfortable perch on the iron supports was ideal where he could decide on further explorations and I was still snapping away with my phone camera. What is a sparrow doing in a supermarket where everything is sealed, no windows to open because it is all air conditioning? Somewhere there must be an opening: perhaps he came through the automatic closing doors, a ventilator,  or was he nesting in the stock room, surrounded by peckables. He might have discovered the bird food section and that would be a sparrow’s ideal of a land of milk and plenty. This did not look like an unhappy sparrow, he had found his place in the world. He was on the planet of his dreams.

And so we left the supermarket content to know that this sparrow would definitely not have food problems.

Colour Your World: Outer Space

2 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Outer Space

  1. Fascinating thought.
    I’ve had similar thoughts about other creatures trapped outside their natural domain. Or, a dolphin that can leap from the sea and gain a glimpse, albeit short, of what to it must be an alien world. Imagine, as a human being, being able to leap very high – just for a moment into outer space.
    Fun creativity.
    I again commend you for your thought provoking series.

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    • I think this sparrow has made her home in the supermarkett. Aimals often surprise with adapting to the human way of life. One of my cats favorite places is in the cupboard sleeping on a Pille of clothing and that can become a problem if we don’t know she is there.


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