Good Morning


And another day dawns on Anglo Swiss and the computer and it looks like one of those days where I will be tempted to go for a camera walk this afternoon, but where to go? There are good choices, but I find it a little monotonous with time. I can go down to the river and turn left, along the bank and up the steep staircase which I have discovered in the meanwhile has 69 steps to climb until you get to the top.

River Aar 30.10 (10)

The good thing about those steps is that I can grip the rail with my left hand whilst supporting myself with my cane in my right hand. There is a fence on the right, but not to be recommended, as it is mostly under electricity to stop the sheep breaking out, or perhaps the humans breaking in. At the moment I do not think the electric chargs are operating, as the sheep are still having long sleep overs in wherever they sleep during the Winter.

There is the alternative to turn right along the river bank, but that is not so good. If I keep going I get to the point where I make a right turn and arrive at the main road with another 20 minute walk home. This means an hour walking, which is just a little too much, and nothing to take photos of on the main road.

Of course I could take a walk to the stables and say hello to the geese, ducks and chickens, as well as the horses.

Ducks Geese 23.09 (3)

The alternative being up to the local castle for a few bird photos of crows and red kites. I could even take the car and travel to town for a few photos, although I would have to park it somewhere and too many people. Oh the decisions I have to make.

This morning I will be on an excursion to the local supermarket, and I am sure I will find some interesting subjects for a few photos. Now that Spring is approaching they have extended their gardening department to the outside which is very practical for me. I am always on the lookout for new photo subjects, and now they are showing hundreds of pansies outside with some Spring bulbs and even have a row of palms in the background. As the year progresses, more flowers will arrive outside and it is easier to take photos. There are curious shoppers wondering why that lady with the cane is taking photos of flowers. They have probably never heard of WordPress and its many photographic challenges. I often wonder what other retired golden oldies do all day. However, perhaps some knit, go shopping, or read. I only seem to meet golden oldie men with cameras when I go for my walks, although they do have female attachments, but not with cameras.

Of course Mr. Swiss is welcome to come with me on my walks, but he likes to walk and not stop every few minutes because his partner sees an interesting photogenic duck or tree, which I fully understand.

And now for some action. Mr. Swiss is already taking the vacuum cleaner for a walk, and I should also begin my daily chores. Let is be said,  it is because I want to and not that I have to. I also have logistic duties, the week-end shopping list has not yet been created. All we have is chicken for Saturday evening, the rest is left to the imagination.

So less blogging and more concentration on the realisties of life. See you around somewhere on a www.

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 02.03 (1)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I tried taking photos inside a local supermarket once – the array of colours in the fruit and veg section was smashing – but an assistant manager storms over, demands I stop and asks me to delete everything I had photographed in his store !
    I guess he had the right – private property and all that – but he made me feel like some one guilty of grocery espionage working for a rival supermarket chain.

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    • I am always talking photos in the supermarket . Up to now no-one has complained. This morning there was a sparrow hopping around so of course I took a couple of photos. He seems to live in the market as I see him now and again. I think it silly that the guy got annoyed because of a few photos. They would have been interesting to see.


  2. Pat, you should see my garden right now (not that I wish to brag, I just simply thought of you this morning when I closed all the windows) – full of many coloured primroses, christ-roses, a hand full of red camellia blossoms open, a few dozens daffs battling against the wind and trying not to fall over, giving me the impression of some sunshine (which we don’t have… but I know the sun is there, just behind the clouds), hundreds of green stalks of future blooms (tulips, daffs, hyazinths, more spring flowers, those little grape-formed blue ones (forgot their name right now) and so much more. The ferns are timidly showing their rolled up future tendrils, the furry magnolia buds are NEARLY ready to pop open – all is delayed by at least 3 weeks….. but oh, we can wait, we KNOW it’s spring time, don’t we?! 🙂
    I’m off now too for my weekly supermarket shopping; I have to take the car and only go once per week, takes me forever, but if I put my brain to work I usually come up with good ideas for the whole week – then we have the market and I have a well filled larder. But next wk I also will have visitors, so some extra work of my grey celles is required.
    Have a GOOD weekend. Thinking of you.

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    • It is slowly warming up here and the crocus are flowering. I don’t have primroses but christ-roses which are the pink variety called lent roses. They are a little later than the white variety but are full of buds. We also have green stalks everywhere, but no daffodils up to new.
      We visited our Migros temple of shopping this morning for the weekend food and now time to take it easy.
      I have not been for a walk for a few days so wil be going this afternoon.
      Also have a good weekend


  3. Another thought crossed my mind when I saw your pics this morning (and yep, I’m back from my weekly shopping trip, with 2 bunches of tulips and a bowl planted with dark blue pansies which will go to my mum next Monday. We’re going to visit our mothers as Hero Husband has a meeting in CH. They both also get a ‘Senior Homes’ approved LED candle in a holder, very lovely and they only have to give a minimal twist to the candle and it looks quite like a flickering flame…. The good thing is that there will be no fires, but a warm glow 🙂 —— and they might think of their son/daughter.
    But now to the thought of your goose: It looked to me like taking a pose to start dancing and singing…. had to come again and view it a secon time – I’m easily amused as you can see and it made me smile!

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    • I have never heard of the senior homes LED candle, but I no longer know anyone in a senior home in Switzerland. Mr. Swiss and I are now the elders of the family, and we are still living at home.My dad got a telegram from the Queen in England on his 100th birthday. He was then living in a senior care home.
      I visited the geese again this afternoon, and the ducks, horses and chickens. They are just around the corner from where I live in Feldbrunnen.


      • Pat, I think we have a missunderstanding. They are simply not allowed to have real candles for the dangers of having fires when people fall asleep or drop them or ….
        As both our mums like candles, we bring them the newer generations of ‘fake’ candles. Can hardly bring myself using the word fake anymore – it’s a bit like those lies as we know them – but they’ve changed name and are now alternative facts. I also call it Being extremely economical with the truth. But I digress, sorry! Anyway…., they look the part and we here used them, together with real candles, nearly every morning and evening to give us a bit of a cheerful glow when we are eating.

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        • I think I know the candles you mean. Mr. Swiss is a candle fan and always burns one somewhere in the living room in the evening. He ordered some “fake” candles online but only used them once or twice and is back to burning real candles.


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