Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 3, 2017

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 27.02 (9)

Not all ways are so picturesque in Switzerland, but at least you have a view of our “house” mountain the Weissenstein, in the background.

Along the River Aar 26.02 (2)

I suppose this is one way of leaving the river, if you climb over the stones.

Along the River Aar 26.02 (1)

On the left a place to park your boat and on the right a restaurant. In the middle? Am not quite sure, but it seems you would be welcome with four arrows pointing the way – probably a picnic place.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 3, 2017

Daily Prompt: I desire to write a blog about desire

Alps 03.03 (1)

No romantic desiring here, I have everything I could wish for more or less: a camera, Swiss alps and a computer – oh and of course Mr. Swiss, so what could possibly be more desirable. I also have stables near where I live, which are not just stables. They have chickens and you can buy fresh eggs. There are horses and you can go for a ride, if you know how to get on a horse, which I do not. They also have a pony for children’s rides. And they have a collection of ducks and geese in all shapes and sizes.

I am confronted with many directions for a walk where I live, but I decided on the stables this afternoon. I have not been walking for a few days. The weather was not very friendly, too much rain and on the cold side, and there were a few things to deal with at home, but now I was free. It was Friday afternoon and nothing to do except write this blog. However to write a blog, you have to have something desirous to write about and so here I am. All 70 photos uploaded on the computer and ready to go.

Horses 03.03 (8)

This lady had decided to go for a ride on one of the horses at the stables. They have about 7-8 horses I believe. Some years ago I had a trial lesson on horse riding. We were spending a few days in Interlaken with my husband’s company where they had organised a few things to do. We decided to partake in the horse riding lesson at the stable and so I was confronted with a breathing warm animal. After 5 minutes I actually succeeded in sitting on its back. It was then I realised it was a living thing, warm and breathing. I then did a few circles in the arena but not solo. The lady in charge had the horse on a lead. I was not doing to badly and then came the part where I had to descend. The idea is to give a swing with the legs and land on the ground standing. I was told to avoid hitting the horse with my feet when descending, because the horse could get annoyed. Ok, I descended with the help of Mr. Swiss supporting me and the lady in charge. This was my first and last horse riding experiment.

Ducks 03.03 (11)

Where there are ducks there is usually a pond and so they were having a swim when I arrived.

Ducks 03.03 (16)

These to ducks were engrossed in a conversation. It looked quite serious. I think the male duck was trying to persuade the lady to partake in a swim, but she was not having it. In the meanwhile I heard a loud honking noise from another direction, and there they were.

Geese 03.03 (6)

The geese were performing synchronised pecking together. I do not know what sort of geese these are, as I am not a goose expert. It seems to me you hear geese before you see them. After half an hour walking and taking photos I desired to return home as I was feeling a little tired. There were a few people also taking a walk along the path as well as a few cyclists. It is quite a good path as it is bordered by a hedge opposite the stables, so I can hang my walking cane on the hedge when taking photos.

As I begann the return journey, one of the geese decided to wave fairwell.

Geese 03.03 (12)

Daily Prompt: I desire to write a blog about desire

Good Morning


And another day dawns on Anglo Swiss and the computer and it looks like one of those days where I will be tempted to go for a camera walk this afternoon, but where to go? There are good choices, but I find it a little monotonous with time. I can go down to the river and turn left, along the bank and up the steep staircase which I have discovered in the meanwhile has 69 steps to climb until you get to the top.

River Aar 30.10 (10)

The good thing about those steps is that I can grip the rail with my left hand whilst supporting myself with my cane in my right hand. There is a fence on the right, but not to be recommended, as it is mostly under electricity to stop the sheep breaking out, or perhaps the humans breaking in. At the moment I do not think the electric chargs are operating, as the sheep are still having long sleep overs in wherever they sleep during the Winter.

There is the alternative to turn right along the river bank, but that is not so good. If I keep going I get to the point where I make a right turn and arrive at the main road with another 20 minute walk home. This means an hour walking, which is just a little too much, and nothing to take photos of on the main road.

Of course I could take a walk to the stables and say hello to the geese, ducks and chickens, as well as the horses.

Ducks Geese 23.09 (3)

The alternative being up to the local castle for a few bird photos of crows and red kites. I could even take the car and travel to town for a few photos, although I would have to park it somewhere and too many people. Oh the decisions I have to make.

This morning I will be on an excursion to the local supermarket, and I am sure I will find some interesting subjects for a few photos. Now that Spring is approaching they have extended their gardening department to the outside which is very practical for me. I am always on the lookout for new photo subjects, and now they are showing hundreds of pansies outside with some Spring bulbs and even have a row of palms in the background. As the year progresses, more flowers will arrive outside and it is easier to take photos. There are curious shoppers wondering why that lady with the cane is taking photos of flowers. They have probably never heard of WordPress and its many photographic challenges. I often wonder what other retired golden oldies do all day. However, perhaps some knit, go shopping, or read. I only seem to meet golden oldie men with cameras when I go for my walks, although they do have female attachments, but not with cameras.

Of course Mr. Swiss is welcome to come with me on my walks, but he likes to walk and not stop every few minutes because his partner sees an interesting photogenic duck or tree, which I fully understand.

And now for some action. Mr. Swiss is already taking the vacuum cleaner for a walk, and I should also begin my daily chores. Let is be said,  it is because I want to and not that I have to. I also have logistic duties, the week-end shopping list has not yet been created. All we have is chicken for Saturday evening, the rest is left to the imagination.

So less blogging and more concentration on the realisties of life. See you around somewhere on a www.

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 02.03 (1)