Good Morning

Feldbrunnen-Solothurn 06.10 (9)

I should not really be here, but am here all the same, munching a quick breakfast on the side of my computer. I have to be in Solothurn at the docs by 9.00 a.m., so still have more than an hour to do what I have to do before leaving. Mr. Swiss will be my chauffeur. It is raining and very dismal outside.

Mr. Swiss explained why I have to go at such and uneartly time in the morning. It is because the assistant vampire that removes the blood from my arm, has to get it in the post, or the laboratory, today, to have the results as soon as possible. Vampires just love fresh blood it seems. It is not a death defying feat that will be performed, but just a check to see how I am reacting with my MS medicine. Up to now there has not been a problem. There will also be a long term diabetes blood test to be made. Oh, the stress of a golden oldie life.

This process only takes a few minutes and afterwards I will be back. Otherwise, Thursday is always smooth running with no special tasks to perform, except for cooking lunch.

See you later, must go, there are things to do and places to go.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I was a blood donor for many years and their was no problem finding the vein. I had to stop when I was diagnosed with diabetes. . Now I have to inject myself every second day. However when someone has to draw blood it is not the same and I seemed be more sensitive to the needle. My right arm is ok, but after breaking my left arm twice she has problems on that side finding the vein.


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