7 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Turquoise Blue

  1. I just “redecorated” ( budget version ) my guest room because I found it dark and gloomy (north and west windows, both very small). The main color is turquoise which surprised me but somehow the room seemed to WANT to have that as a predominant color in the furnishings and pictures on the wall. I think it was the little blue velvet upholstered chair I bought when I moved here that made the decision. So I hung one of my paintings on the wall and it looks good — one of the paintings I didn’t like. I took your advice on that. 🙂

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    • Every time Mr. Swiss and I moved home, the first thing he did was to hang the pictures on the walls. I think it was sort of territorial possession. I find turquoise so difficult to define, a sort of in between color but I also like it and I am sure your room looks good in that color.


      • Turquoise is a big part of life where I am now. It’s very common in Southwestern decor and Indian jewelry almost always has turquoise in it. Traditionally the people down here paint their door and window frames turquoise and I’ve noticed that the sky here is sometimes actually turquoise — maybe because of dust? I don’t know. It is an in-between color — you described it perfectly, blue moving toward green.

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