Photo Challenge: The Road taken through Bellach, Switzerland

Feldbrunnen to Bettlach 02.10 (7)

If you drive on the road from Solothurn towards West,  one of the first villages you pass through is Bellach: not a very large village and nothing really spectacular. Many engineering companies have settled there and I worked in this village for 30 years in a milling tool production company, as export clerk.

It is surrounded by farming land, and situated at the foot of the Jura mountains. It used to be quite a busy village bearing the main traffic towards West, ending in Geneva. However, today a motorway has been built and the traffic situation has improved. Since some time this sculpture decorates one of the roundabouts in Bellach. It shows an artistic design of a horse which is on the Bellach coat of arms. It is not a tourist centre of Switzerland, just a village where people live, and go about their daily life, with some small industries.

Photo Challenge: The Road taken through Bellach

8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: The Road taken through Bellach, Switzerland

    • There was a big competition amongst various designers, but this design won, and I think it is a good winner. It certainly draws your attention. I don’t think anyone actually realised there was a horse on the coat of arms for the village until this was built.


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    • It really makes an impression in the middle of the road on an island. I am always on the lookout for stuff like that when sitting in the passenger seat.
      Glad your computer operation was a success.


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