Photo Challenge: The Road taken through Bellach, Switzerland

Feldbrunnen to Bettlach 02.10 (7)

If you drive on the road from Solothurn towards West,  one of the first villages you pass through is Bellach: not a very large village and nothing really spectacular. Many engineering companies have settled there and I worked in this village for 30 years in a milling tool production company, as export clerk.

It is surrounded by farming land, and situated at the foot of the Jura mountains. It used to be quite a busy village bearing the main traffic towards West, ending in Geneva. However, today a motorway has been built and the traffic situation has improved. Since some time this sculpture decorates one of the roundabouts in Bellach. It shows an artistic design of a horse which is on the Bellach coat of arms. It is not a tourist centre of Switzerland, just a village where people live, and go about their daily life, with some small industries.

Photo Challenge: The Road taken through Bellach

Daily Prompt: No time for hesitation

Rainbow over Feldbrunnen

I think this was the rainbow, the rainbow I saw when driving home from work in March 2008. Of course I know the date, because it was then that I uploaded it to my photo online programme. I was alone in my Volvo and aproaching my village seen on the right of the photo. I saw this rainbow from the top of the hill next to our local castle. What do you do in such circumstances? You stop the car to take a photo of course. Yes even in my younger working days I had a camera in the car, you never know. Of course, it was not my DSLR, because at that time I was only thinking about it, it was my little Panasonic DMC-LX2 which I still have, but it did the trick.

I was at the top of the hill and decided now or never, a rainbow does not wait for a photo, you have to be in the right place and above all at the right time.

Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

I decided to park the car at the castle and drove backwards to stop in front of the stoney end of the stairs on the right hand side. It was a difficult manoevre, as the Volvo was quite a big car, but what could possibly go wrong. I would have a prize suspicious photo of a rainbow to show Mr. Swiss when I arrived home.

It was then that I saw a lady waving frantically standing at the foot of the stairs. I did not recognise her, but thought perhaps it was one of the friendly village neighbours. Her waving got more frantic as I backed the car to a suitable spot and she did not hesitate, with her waving. There was suddenly a sort of bump and I realised that I had touched the stone on the right at the bottom of the stairs with the bumper of my Volvio, which was quite a large volvo. The lady was trying to warn me, and I misunderstood the warning as I was concentrating on my rainbow.  I climbed out of the car and took a quick look at the bumper of my dark blue Volvo, which now had a sort of white stripe  where the paint had been scraped away by my meeting with the stone.

I decided that ignoring the rainbow and driving home to a confession hour with Mr. Swiss would be the ideal solution. On the other hand if I stayed for a few photos of the rainbow, it would not make the dent in the bumper of the car disappear and so I did not hesitate to take my photos and why cause excitement at home.

When I arrived home I decided that it would be the easiest solution to show Mr. Swiss a photo of the damage on the car to save complication explanations. It was one of those cameras, which we all have, where you see a picture of what is waiting to be uploaded to the computer.

car accident

As you can see, I still have the photo in my collection. It could have been a lot worse I suppose, and these things can happen, especially if you see a rainbow. Mr. Swiss did mention something about it being one of the most expensive photos of a rainbow. If I had hesitated on that day, I would not have got a dent in the car, but I would not have captured photos of a rainbow. You cannot have everything I suppose.

Daily Prompt: No time for hesitation

Good Morning


Asparagus for breakfast? No, it was yesterday for lunch and the remains for the evening meal. The season for asparagus usually begins in April through May until June. However things change in this world. We have become global and know no borders. Whilst our asparagus is struggling to keep warm and grow in the ground, in other countries it is ready to harvest, and so we import.

On Tuesday I usually cook somehing with rice, but it can get a little boring. We are both not great rice eaters, but it makes a change. Why Tuesday? Makes no difference. It could be Monday, or Wednesday, or any other day, but the menu plan calls for rice some time in the week, so why not Tuesday. Mr. Swiss is a pasta person and could eat it daily. I am originally a Brit, and Brits eat potatoes every day so of course, I like potatoes. As I do not eat alone at the table, I have to make allowances for everyone when cooking.

So I saw they had asparagus in the super market, out of season. The price was right and I decided to see the origins, shown on the back of the label, before buying it. You never know, it might be produce of North Korea or somewhere in one of those countries that would be suspicious. Imagine how happy I was when I saw that this asparagus had made its way from Mexico to Switzerland. I was doing something for the Mexican population. This asparagus had climbed a wall to reach my country. I did actually hear in the news that Mexico was now searching for new trade partners in Europe amongst other counries, so I was doing my bit by buying Mexican, at least until the French, Spanish, German and Swiss asparagus was ready.

AsparagusThe idea was to make asparagus risotto which more or less was successful. However as always with rice dishes, I overdid it and so we still had enough for the evening. No. 1 son would be absent for the evening meal, as it was the big carnival evening in town and he would be making the most of it. It is the day of the second carnival procession, with a grand final on the steps of the St. Urs cathedral in Solothurn, where all the various carnival bands have a concert. Not my sort of thing, but if you are carnival person, then why not.

So for the seond time Mr. Swiss sat down to another dish of asparagus risotto, and now there is none left.

Today there will be no asparagus, but I am not quite sure what it will be at the moment. We are going on safari in the local supermarket, so I am sure we will find something to hunt down. Wednesday is usually the day of fried potato, but we have decided to be dynamic and make polenta with some sort of meat: yes, a challenge daily in the kitchen.

It looks like a dull day, so I will not be taking photographic walks this afternoon, but be a stay at home person, happily cleaning the shower and playing with my computer. Tomorrow is an adventurous day and I might not be here to say Good Morning. My vampire doctor has decided it is again time to check my blood quality. I am sure it is a good vintage for a vampire, but it has to be proven by various tests and examinations. It seems this has to happen in the morning. Early morning blood is always premium quality of course, pure and a delightful shade of red.

I might or might not be back later in the day tomorrow, it depends on whether I survive the bite.

In the meanwhile they are lifing the barriers to let us leave our village again. These days you really have to be careful who arrives in our village, although I am not sure if they are stopping people entering or leaving.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 27.02 (3)