Good Morning

Snowy Morning

A golden oldie priviledge is not having to do anything, because why should you. On the other hand you cannot stay in bed all day, there are things to be done and places to go, although Tuesday in not really the best day with a bathroom to clean. I decided to start the action from my pole position in bed and answer the comments that appeared during the night. It was a smooth operatrion, and I still had half an hour to hug the bed, so my decision was made.

And then the alarm sounded (bird song programmed on my various cyber devices) and it was time to rise and shine. My first action of the day, after struggling onto my feet, is open the curtains to welcome the sun. However, today was no sun, it was snowing. After a week of Spring promises, we are back to square one, although I do not think the snow will last so long. There is now a very thin layer on the grass outside.

Snow in March

It was to be expected, as we are now in the middle of our carnival programme in our area. Today is the second procession, same as the procession on Sunday, and it always rains or snows on the procession. Me? No, I stay at home or do something completely different. Carvnival is not for me, although I know a few, even some golden oldies, that still enjoy turning night into day. Mr. Swiss says because I am a Brit I do not understand the real meaning of Carnival as I did not grow up in it. He also does not partake in carnival, but he grew up surrounded by it, so something is wrong in the reasoning somewhere.

In the meanwhile I got one of those push notes on my telephone from the Swiss news. It appears today discussions are being held in our Swiss parliment about our AHV (Swiss State pension scheme) and they are talking about a 70 Swiss Franc monthly increase. Mr. Swiss said forget it, they are only talking about it, but the actual facts are still to be seen. Perhaps I should organise a golden oldie march to Bern to ensure that we get our rights. On the other hand why bother, they do what they want to do.

And now to go on a cleaning safari in the bathroom. Have fun everyone.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • The Swiss government are definitely not raising our pension. They are now discussing the retirement age for women to be increased to the age of 65. For once I am glad to be a golden oldie.


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