Colour Your World: Robin Egg Blue

Alps 23.02 (10)

Let’s see if I can name them, yes definitely, the three famous peaks of the Bernese Overland in Switzerland, from left to right: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and yes I have been there and seen them. We once spent a two week summer holiday in Grindelwald and had a holiday appartment with a view on the Eiger. We could see the windows of the railway hewn into the rock, the railway that arrives at the Junfrau joch. We did the railway journey to the Jungfrau. It was a fantastic view from the top, but we were in slow motion. The air is very thin on the top of those mountains, and you easily get giddy.

For this photo I did not have to go far. I took it from the hill behind where we live. On a good clear day we have a spectacular view, but it is not always as good as this robin egg blue and yes, I once saw robin’s eggs, and they are blue.

Colour Your World: Robin Egg Blue”

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