Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Up at Things

Walnut 26.09.2016

This is a walnut hanging quite high on a tree. I remember this photo particularly, as it was one of the first I took with my zoom lens.

Gulls in Flight

A gull in flight taken last week on a walk along the river.

Plane 19.02 (4)

I was surprised how well I managed to get the details of this plane flying above my head. We have a small local airport nearbye.

Afternoon Sun

And this is just a little extra, as I was taking photos of the sun this week for a blog and discovered that there was something else in the photo which is either the moon (in the middle of the afternoon?) or perhaps some sort of reflection on the lens – no idea.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Up at Things

7 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Up at Things

  1. Up is definitely easier for me 🙂 Although we have almost no air traffic around here. It’s all in Boston or out further in another state. Sometimes I forget how really TINY Massachusetts is!

    Love your bird … and who can argue with the sun? It’s definitely UP! WAY up!

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    • We are on the main flight route from Zürich towards West although we do not often see the main flights. This was a small plane flying to the local small airport of Grenchen. It is not so easy to get a good shot of a bird and I could not see what was on the screen when taking a photo of the sun


  2. I thought walnuts grew in plastic bags at the grocery store – so cool to see one “in the wild.” As for your last photo – could it be visitors from another planet? 🙂

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