Good Morning

Crocus 26 (5)

The changing of the seasons is just wonderful. I have never felt it so much as this year, although this year is a little different to others. A lot has happened in my life over the last year, perhaps that is the reason. I left England 50 years ago for Switzerland leaving behind mum and dad. The world was getting smaller, plane journeys were more affordable, and so I still saw my parents at least once a year. They would visit Switzerland and I would go to London with my family. There was something I did not realise, that at the same time we were all growing older. The body was no longer as young and lively as it was. Mum was a worrier, but dad was managing.

Over the years mum passed away and dad was left on his own, and really alone, because I was in Switzerland. However, he had good friends and neighbours and managed OK. He was perhaps 80 years old when he made his last journey to Switzerland and I was surprised how much he had changed. I was meeting an elderly bent gentleman at the airport, and not the lively dad I knew from the days gone past. I would visit once a year, I could not manage more. I had a family and was a working lady.

Last year dad passed away, at the age of 100 and more. Dad was no longer there, and for me neither was London. I realised that I was no longer under an obligation to make the journey to London, which I must admit was becoming a burden. My health was not so good as I was also diagnosed with MS last year, although had the disease at least 30-40 years and it was always diagnosed as something else. For some years my walk was more similar to something for the Ministry of funny walks and people now and again passed a remark . So last year was a turning point in my life, but life goes on.

And now I have the first Spring of my life with no obligations, no have to’s, I can relax and enjoy – at the age of 70? That is the other side of the coin. We all look forward to retirement, to becoming an oldie with the golden as the adjective. I can now take walks in the wonderful Spring weather which are limited to half an hour as more is no longer feasible, although there are benches placed in strategic positions for a rest helping the half hour to be a little bit longer. I now take my cane everywhere outside the appartment for safety and support.

Catkins 26.02 (2)

I am lucky to live somewhere where nature is my neighbour. I noticed yesterday that the catkins on the hazel bushes are appearing already. Yes, I am enjoying the beginnings of Spring this year. I am now driving again, after almost 2 years. We are not getting younger, Mr. Swiss being ahead of me by a few years. We are not cut off from civilisation where I live: have a local train to the next town, and connections to other parts of Switzerland, but having a car to use makes a big difference for me.

And so today what are we two golden oldies doing? Another day dawns, the fridge is half empty (or half full) and a safari for new supplies will be embarked upon. Off to the supermarket (with me driving or not?) which is only 5-10 minuites driving time away: cook lunch and take a golden oldie sleep after lunch. It is funny with that after lunch sleep. I never did it earlier, regarded it as something really unnecessary. We sleep all night, so why during the day? Mr. Swiss was another opinion and did it all his life when possible. I tried it and discovered is had its positive side as it seemed to regenerate my body for further adventures in the afternoon and I no long fell asleep in the armchair whilst watching the TV in the evening. Part of the afternoon is reserved for “me” time on the computer.

I even enjoy housework today, because it gives me a good feeling after I have finished. I am not an ideal housewife, but I can see the positive side of things. I am not only cleaning or hoovering, I am completing another job to be able to move on to more interesting stuff. And of course the computer. Do not forget the computer, the occupational therapy for all golden oldies. I no longer think about buying new more fashionable clothes, I study the newest developments in the computer world. Windows 10 has arrived – the next windows is just around the corner. My mobile phone is iPhone 6, iPhone 7 has already arrived. Shall I or shall I not change my phone? And there is photography: just going for walks is OK, but taking photos is more OK and so I am always interested in new developments in cameras and lens. No more knitting here, my only finger action seems to be either peeling potatoes or on the keyboard to the computer.

The things that come to my head in the early hours of the morning, now 8.30 a.m. and time to move on. There are things to do, places to see and a life to make the most of, even if I do have to think about it for a few minutes before leaving my bed in the morning. Will I make it to the door or not – one of the exciting moments in the life of a golden oldie.

Enjoy the day, make the most of it, it will not be your last, but a day less in the life of a human.

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17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Pat. My houseplants already know it’s Spring and my weeping willow has dozens of fresh shoots. I’m waiting for the spectacular jacaranda display in nearby Avenida Dom Carlos so I can get some pictures.

    I’ve also slowed down a lot and can’t walk so far now although I’m still pretty good at climbing Lisbon’s steep hills.

    This morning is freezing here but I’m well wrapped up. I think we are entering another cold snap as it’s only 12c at 8 am. In a couple of weeks I’ll be complaining about the heat I suppose.

    Have a peaceful day, Pat. I’m going down to Cais do Sodre metro station to get my new monthly pass.

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    • My house plants are some orchids, my growing avocado and my poinsettia remaining from Christmas. They are not doing anything special but are still alive. When the Japanese cherry tree blossoms outside on our estate, then I know definitely that Spring has arrived..
      I can climb hills, just takes more time than it used to.
      12 degree at 8.00 in the morning would be a heatwave here in February.
      Have a good one Dai

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  2. Touched by the human element there. Heart warming changes and strong wills and commitments in action😉
    Working my detachment levels too🙏 but currently hooked onto WordPress … do visit my blog, after one of those afternoon naps.

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    • I grew tomatoes for many years. I had so many plants I would bring them to work and distribute those I could not keep because I did not have the room. I think half the office were growing my tomatoes. I had pear shaped, round and miniature tomatoes. It was a lot of work but worth it.

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      • Last year I didn’t start my own tomatoes and I ended up buying two plants. They were pitiful. All I want is caprese so I grow cherry tomatoes and basil. I’ve planted 14 seeds and I will be very happy to end up with 4 plants. They are going to live in the front yard, too, even though it’s “not the thing” to grow vegetables in the front of the house. It’s the best sunlight. Caprese is a serious thing for me.

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        • You know you should protect them in a plastic house, or keep them under plastic. They must not get wet, or they will get tomato rot. And I discovered that although cherry tomatoes are cherry sized, the plant is not cherry sized, but normal size, which tends to complicate matters.

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          • The babies are inside for the next 2 months, probably. They’re in an incubator with a plastic film over them to keep them comfy and moist (it’s so dry here). When they are a couple of inches high, they might get to take excursions out to the sunny side porch. Two years ago I bought cages to confine the first tomato plants I grew here. I grow them in containers I guess because I got so used to having gophers eat anything planted in the ground. We’ll see how it goes this year. I hope well. Last year I got a composter but at the moment it and everything in it is frozen solid… I’m not a very serious gardener. I was, back in the 80s, but now it’s just kind of an absent-minded pass time.


  3. I feel the seasons much more now than I did when I was younger. Not only are we older and some of us not so healthy either, but we aren’t working. All of this stuff used to be something that was “just passing” as i raced off to do something I had to do to make a living.

    Now, it’s different. Why can’t we retire when we are younger and more able to enjoy it? Too bad that retirement is saved for the old. I would have loved this when i was 30 years younger!

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    • This year I notice it more than ever. I am sure it is because I have less on my mind. It’s not good to admit but for the past couple of years I had a Damocles sword hanging over
      me which has now gone and for the first time in a long while I have time for myself and to enjoy the golden oldie life still remaining.
      You are right, if only we were as active when we were just half our age.


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