Daily Prompt: On the search for the centre

Afternoon sun

I will be come famous, my name will go down in history books together with Pythagoras and Aristotle and a few others that, like me, happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was searching for a centre, any centre, but it had to be a centre, because that is what it is all about. The sun was shining, and that being the centre of our universe, I decided that a photo of the sun would be a good start to my words of wisdom.

It is not easy to take a photo of the sun, because it tends to shine into the camera – in this case my mobile telephone camera – and you do not really know what will arrive in the photo. However heedless of these problems, I continued and shot some photos, although only three were good enough. The others were somewhat blurred and the sun got lost somewhere. It was then that I saw it. Did you know that there is a planet sitting next to the sun? Of course not, because I discovered it today at 3.00 p.m. Note the time, as when it is entered into the archives it will be an important fact. This new planet did not only appear on one photo, but on all three. I chose this photo as it was hanging above the sun. On the other two photos it had even shifted its position, was probably going for an orbital journey.

I can see ithe headlines in the genuine press tomorrow (note – no fake news), “Angloswiss lady discovers new planet. Is it inhabitable? Will we be able to develop a colony on this planet?” Oh, the possibilities. It is now just a small point of light in the sky, but with a telescope we will  be able to see more detail. There might be oceans, mountains, even a primitive form of life.

There is an aura surrounding this new discovery. Perhaps it is a protective screen stopping intruders from other worlds.

Afternoon SunOn another photo you can definitely observe that the new planet “Angloswiss” is revolving around the sun and gaining on speed. I wonder what the reward is for the discovery of a new planet. I will be invited to lecture about my new discovery. how it happened. It was quite easy actually. I stood in the garden, held up my mobile telephone and although I could not actually see what I was doing, as I was blinded by the sunlight, I just pressed the button a few times. This new world is definitely round and quite large in comparison to earth. I wonder if our world can also be seen from this newly discovered planet. It must have always been there, but thanks to the precision work with my mobile telephone camera, the proof of its existence has now be found.

“What did you say? It could be a reflection in the glass of my phone from the sun?”

One thing I cannot stand is people that get jealous of the success of others. This is my new planet.

“You tell me it is the moon.”

We all know that the moon only exists at night. During the day it has other things to do, like visiting places on the other side of the world.

“What, the moon is always there, we cannot see it because of the light from the sun.”

Another jealous voice. This is my planet, I discovered it, I will become a centre of admiration from the people of the world. You do not have to become a scientist, to discover new worlds, even a simple housewife with a telephone camera can do it. Tonight I will take a photo of the moon, perhaps there is a second moon waiting to be discovered.

Daily Prompt: On the search for the centre

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: On the search for the centre

  1. Oh dear me, this is bad. You discovered the super secret huge spaceship the real hidden leaders of the planet have been constructing. Where do you think the people abducted go. They are taken to help build the ship. This is why some things come up sparse when they should be plentiful. There is more but they have tapped into my computer and are reading this. Be careful of people at the garden in long black coats with sunglasses who want to take to you about your planet and see your phone. Don’t let them touch you, they have sticky fingers. That is why they use children, people have their guard down and no one thinks twice about kids having sticky fingers. Be careful. Be happy. Hugs

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    • No problem, some guy turned up yesterday and was speaking Klingonian, which luckily I understand.He said he would protect my planet. There was also a guy with pointed ears, that found it a logical discovery to find a planet next to the sun, because his people put it there a few million years ago – you see, you can never be first. My biggest problem is persuading the Swiss government to build a ship big enough to get there. But you have given me an idea, we could use my newly discovered planet for the unwanted on our planet. I must begin a list, let’s see: Donald ……. Duck?

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