Good Morning


If you do not know how to begin the day on the computer, then a sunrise is always a good thing – taken this morning with my phone camera. The sun actually rises a little to the left so I do not get the full impact. Standing outside in my nightdress in front of the kitchen window is OK, as I am sheltered from the eyes of the paparazzi, but I do not really want to take a morning walk – might cause some consternation in the area.

I remember a couple that lived in the street where I grew up in Bethnal Green in the East End of London. He kept pigeons in the back yard, and let them fly now and again for training purposes. They would circle above our heads. When he wanted them to return he would shake a bag of pigeon food and they would answer to the call of food. He also used to race them. They had a dog  and at least she wore a dressing gown over her night dress when she took the dog for the walk at around 8 in the morning. There was not a lot of money around in the East End of London in those days, so you made do with what you had.

We also have people taking their dogs for walks where I live. There is one big doggy procession all day, as they make their way down to the river. My feline watches them from a distance and is happy when they are kept on the line.

So what are we going to do today, on Sunday. I have one of those handy lunches that I can start cooking after computer time and let it do its own thing until lunchtime. What is it? A normal pork roast with all the trimmings, served with noodles. I do not have a crock pot, do not want one. I just let it cook slowly in the oven – might be old fashioned, but I like it that way.

Mr. Swiss is now evacuating his drum rehearsal room in town, as the building will be demolished. There is not a lot more to do, as he has already shifted the drum set and a few other bits and pieces back to our hobby room. Now there are just a few light plastic chairs and a collapsable table to move, but Mr. Swiss has also become a golden oldie, so he has organised No. 1 son to help. However, today is the big carnival procession day in town, which No. 1 son likes to visit, so we have a clash of priorities. Mr. Swiss was planning to do the necessary this afternoon, but has now shifted the moving to later this morning, meaning No. 1 son will have to leave his bed earlier than lunch time on Sunday. I seem to have had a family of kids that all slept until lunchtime on Sunday when they were living at home. Must be a modern thing, although I remember doing it myself on Sunday mornings in my teenage years.

I have planned a walk along the river this afternoon to feed my camera with something completely new. We are having temperatures around 13°C at the moment, almost spring. I have crocus already flowering in the garden and noticed that many other plants are deciding to do something instead of just sitting there.

And now I will move on, there are things to do, places to be seen and a vacuum cleaner waiting impateintly to be taken for a walk. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Crocus 22.02 (2)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Pat. I hope you put some clothes on and wasn’t arrested. I’ve never seen anybody outside in their night dress or dressing gowns in Bournemouth but I admire your liberal attitude hahaha. We have only a very miserable 13c here right now but it’s only 8:45 am so it should improve. Have a sensational Sunday, Pat. Try to be good today.

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    • Bethnal Green is not quite Bournemouth. There you would be more likely to see people walking in a bikini. It has turned into a dull day but still warm enough for a walk.I am always good, just a little misunderstood sometimes. Enjoy your day.

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  2. I can get a pretty complete sunrise in March and September, a little less the rest of the year. I can only catch the impact in the winter months because the rest of the time, there are leaves covering the sky. THIS year though, we’ll have nice naked trees in June and July while we wait for leaves to return to the trees.

    Pizza here 🙂

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