Daily Prompt: A Jiggle along the River

Trees along the River Aar 26.02 (6)

I am actually a little too old to jiggle these days, but I do my best. After being confined to the appartment yesterday, I decided it was time to break out again and make the surroundings uncertain. Armed with my camera and cane, I disappeared for an hour. I had planned a walk along the river bank, but this time in the other direction towards town, although I did not actually want to go into our town.

It is carnival season at the moment and this afternoon was the large procession. People dress in fancy dress, play jokes on each other, make a lot of noise and it is not my thing. Of course, there would have been some interesting photos to take of the procession and the music, but I do not enjoy carnival, absolutely dislike it – too much excitement. And so I made a decision to enjoy the quiet of the river, with only the sound of the ducks, gulls and crows, although in the distance I could hear the sound of the carnival, but thankfully only in the distance.

Ok, so what did I see.

Mallard Ducks 26.02 (9)

I saw ducks of course, lots of ducks, after all the river is their home, I am just a visitor. It seems that Spring is in the air, as they were paddling around in pairs. The last time I visited the river they were still searching for a partner, but now it seems the decisions have been made. The female mallard duck was leading the way and her partner was following. Even in the duck world the ladies take over.

There were a few people taking walks on the river bank. A couple were passing by and I noticed that the male was carrying a camera, but not just a camera. I also had my zoom lens, the 300, but his lens was a third longer and wider. We greeted each other in passing, which is custom in Switzerland when taking a walk, but of course, me with my big mouth wanting to know it all made a remark what an interesting lens he had. I think he was happy about that as he stopped and showed me with pride his super Canon lens which was telescopic reaching from 200 to 500 lens distance, according to what you needed. I told him I never know which lens to take with me, but that would be a good solution. He informed me that he had two other lens in his rucksack just in case he might need them. I was full of admiration – slowly these walks are becoming the photo get together. As we parted, he told me if I walked a little further along the path there were lots of swans to photograph.

Gulls 26.02 (13)

Walking long distances is not my thing, so I hoped that the swans would decide to swim in my direction. I think the gentleman was a little mixed up with his ducks. I saw no swans, but gulls and yes, they were swimming in my direction. However they were on the opposite side of the river. Luckily they decided to do a group flight and I managed this photo – not Pulitzer prize suspicious, but being a golden oldie I am not always quick enough for the picture of the year.

Gulls in Flight

In the meanwhile I had found a bench to sit on and could watch the flying show. I am quite good at finding benches, I am now designing a map showing all benches along the river. I think this is a gull in flight, but am not so sure.

I decided it was now time to return home, and then I met a colleague I had not seen for a couple of years. After a conversation catching up on life, we were parting ways when some people walked past with dogs. Not just dogs, but I made the remark what wonderful greyhounds. Another opportunity to get engaged in coversation, which was very interesting. They had four greyhounds, two large ones and two smaller. It seems they were not the normal average greyhound but from a spanish race, cannot remember the name. My dad loved greyhounds, not so much as a dog lover, but as a race lover. Mum, dad and I often went to greyhound races when I was a kid.

And so a discussion developed and I learned that there is also greyhound racing in Switzerland, but not with bets, just for the fun of it probably. And so my little river jiggle was finished (must use the word otherwise people might complain that I am not following the theme of the prompt). And now for a relaxing evening, with the computer and a book and uploading photos. I have done enough walking for today.

Trees along the River Aar 26.02 (3)

Daily Prompt: A Jiggle along the River

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Jiggle along the River

  1. I felt too old to jiggle too. I think I was too old for jiggling at least 30 years ago, but some jiggling will inevitably occur, like it or not.

    I don’t know which picture to praise because these are wonderful. The ducks are perfect. The hills just roll along as hills ought. There is that sense of oncoming spring, here too, which is a surprise because it’s at least a month earlier than usual. It may change, of course, but with each passing day, the likelihood of a sudden return of winter grows less.

    Greyhound races are fun to watch, as long as they are people who love their hounds letting them run like crazy. I never had a greyhound, but I had an Afghan and boyoboy, was he a RUNNER.

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    • I don’t think I ever jiggled, but I was quite good at the twist – remember that one?
      We also seem to be having an early Spring. I took a walk with the camera in the garden today and there were all sorts of plants already pushing their way through the ground. What a wonderful time it is. I seem to enjoy it more with age, especially after being confined indoors most of the Winter. Our weather forecast is that it more or less stays the same, although some rain at the end of next week, which would actuallly be a good thing for nature.
      I have an online friend that had an Afghan. He told me it once got away and he could not catch it because it was so fast, but he suddenly saw a taxi, so told the driver “follow that dog” and they caught up with him. They really seem to be fast runers.
      I was at the races a few times in London. Hackney Wick was a stadium near where I lived. I remember when the race finished, the greyhounds would pounce on the “hare” that was used to encourage them to run.


  2. Oh Pat, you’ve got some stellar photos right here – and I blanched visibly when I saw your choice of high quality photographer’s material – goodness me, you could teaching a kid a few tricks I think – ADORED your description of your walk and especially the leaving out of the Fastnacht troupe. I can’t abide it either but that’s, like so many other things, a personal decision. Love greyhounds too especially since I learned from various sources that the ones I see are often hounds which were no longer fit for the hunting, get either the chop or go to animal shelters. I do love dogs and tolerate cats and in England I met many peeps who rescued those hounds – the most gentle and lovely dogs and not bloodthirsty at all. I wouldn’t want one personally they are too dainty for me but one has got to love them. I think I even know of which kind you wrote and also I can’t remember the name…. 🙂
    Have a great end of this Sunday and a good week.

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    • I once did a photography course, but then did not have my DSLR camera. I learned a few things and made a decision that it was time to get myself a DSLR, so got a Nikon D7000. That was a few years ago.Since then I seem to have picked up a few bits and pieces on the way and now have a collection. I am no way an expert, but it is so interesting to talk to other photographers and learn from their experience.
      I know about the sorry end of many greyhounds. If they are no longer earning for the owner, then they are removed. I would not dare to say what happens to them in Spain, what the guy told me that I met today, but it is sad. I know a few people that have a greyhound that rescued them from their fate. Indeed two of the dogs I met today were rescued. They are lovely dogs. Only disadvantage, you can feed them the best of food, but they never seem to put on weight 🙂
      I had three cats, Tabby, her litter sister and a Selkir Rex. Now I only have Tabby, but she is doing well at the ripe old age of 14.
      It was a good walk, and I feel the benefit afterwards.

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  3. Oh, I think the gulls in flight is most definitely a Pulitzer contender. Where are those Pulitzer people when you need them? Hey! Over here! Got a great photo for you to see by Mrs AngloSwiss!

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    • Thanks, you mean that my talent as a great photographer will now be acknowledge. I just wish that the gulls could be more colourful – too much white in the photo.


  4. Designing a map with bench locations — love it! Good for you. 🙂

    I, too, struggle with which lens to attach to my camera. Last year I purchased a ThinkTank photo backpack (love it!) to carry my extra lenses with me. Haven’t used it much yet but it’s a nice and comfortable option.

    Really like the photo of the ducks swimming. The last shot is nice as well. I’m glad you enjoyed your outing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I need a rest in between so I plan my walks around benches.
      My problem is that I hang my camera across my body and hold my cane in one hand. If I want to take a photo I am able to stand and hang my cane on the top of my closed zip on my jacket. I just do not have the possibility to carry more with me. Luckily my walks are near to where I live.


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