Colour Your World: Shamrock

Shamrock 12.09 (2)

Do not ask me about shamrock. I spend half of the Summer months removing it from the garden. It sprouts up everywhere in the flower beds. It might be something lucky for leprachauns and the irish, but for a Brit exiled in the wilds of Switzerland, it is a pest. The only thing I am glad about is that it possesses weak roots: just a sharp decisive pull and it is gone. However, in the meanwhile, before you actually notice it is there, it has flowered and spread its seeds for the next battle. Shamrock, oh yes very pretty, but you can have too much of everything.

Colour Your World: Shamrock

10 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Shamrock

  1. I like your photo, but not your attitude! 😦 Ich kann die Pflanze nur über den grünen Klee loben, weil sie so hübsch ist, jawohl!

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    • When you no longer can bend very well, and find it difficult to stand afterwards, shamrock are not your friend. And there is no danger that they will disappear forever, they always return. Very pretty little yellow flowers and green leaves, but not when they grow in every little space they find.

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    • It’s the national plant of Ireland, they call it the green island, and it must be true because they do not come alone. If you find one in the garden, the other one hundred are not far away. It is a type of clover, very invasive.

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    • Yes dandelions are another plague to the gardener. You have to dig them out with their long roots, if at all possible. Cut off their heads, the only remedy. I am sure Lewis Carroll got the idea for the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland.


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