Photo Challenge: A good Match

Kalbsbratwurst 06.02.2016

If I still lived in England, it would be a photo of fish and chips, but I live in Switzerland where they tend to prefer boiled potato with the fish. However, what is a match in Switzerland? We have sausages, real big sausages, but the main King sausage is the Kalbsbratwurst (veal sausage) the best of the veal sausages originating in St. Gall – a Swiss town – so they say. We can even buy St. Gall Bratwurst which are a little more expensive and bigger than the others in our local supermarket. So what do you do with this delicacy? You fry it in a pan with onion, what a match!

Photo Challenge: A good Match

20 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: A good Match

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    • Sauerkraut is something special, so I would leave the fried onions away. It would be a shame for the sauerkraut. I very much like sauerkraut, but it does not like me unfortunately.


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