Good Morning from Feldbrunnen


Looks promising today, sun is shining and morning temperatures around 8°C, just like Spring. The birds are singing and I even managed to leave my bed when I should leave my bed around 7.30.  Today they let me out for a shopping trip. I am thinking about getting a new iPad. Mine is now a few years old, and its cover long decided to stop working properly. I can no longer attach it to my iPad, but just lay it on the surface, where it does its best to remain. Of course I could just buy a new cover, but today things are not make to last. They change all the time, even if they are not broken, and iPads are not different. My iPad reasonable price cover no longer exists for the size of my Large iPad. Of course Amazon might have this size as a remainder, but Amazon is not in Switzerland, it all comes from Germany.

There is now another problem with my iPad. It tells me regularly that my space is not limited, and soon it cannot do backups or accept new apps. Now and again I have to clear the Safari browser, but afterwards everything works again. I did discover a photo from the web that slipped in, and so I deleted it. Since everything seems to have enough room. I like to sit in my comfy chair in the evening with an iPad on the neighbouring table, fo a look now and again. I do not often write on the iPad, just short remarks: after all online is not a full time job. So I saw that the local supermarket has a special offer of 5x cumulus points on Friday in the electronic department. Cucumulus points arrive with everything you buy, usually 2x, but when you get them they can be used as money, so what could be better, although I am still thinking about it. This time I have decided I want a super iPad, the best, with most capacity, but why bother when the one I have still works. The decision in a golden oldie life can be difficult.

I still have my old mini iPad, but that died some years ago. As the special offer is happening on Friday, there is a further complication. Friday is the day of week-end shopping and I do not know if I have the time to choose a new iPad, as I will not be the only person making use of the special day. If only we had a shop or supermarket in our village, but we have nothing.

The local post office

This photo is a historical moment in our village. It shows the village post office – a place where we could pick up and send parcels, buy stamps and generally meet villagers. It was a central meeting place of the villagers. It has now been bought by a manufacturing company. Unfortunately the Swiss Post sysem had to save money, and so they are closing post offices all over the country. We now have to go to the next village of Riedholz, and it is now rumoured that this post office is also facing extinction. The only choice left is our main town of Solothurn along the road. The Solothurn post office was built some years ago. A new imposing building and it had everything, most impressive.

Some years later it was closed and today it is a furniture shop. Where is the new post office in town? A very good question. It moved to the basement of what used to be a department store. Now that is also closed, and there is a small shop in town, so small, that you might not even see it. Mr. Swiss informed me that they have a new post office on the other side of town, not very convenient. Yes living in a village in Switzerland is like living on another planet. You are cut off from the world.

We do have a vet specialising in homopathy for animals which is good to know. If my feline has a complex of some sort, then he can visit the vet for psychoanalysis. We also have a gynacologist, although as a golden oldie, I do not intend increasing the amount of my offspring.  Wait there is a cemetery and a senior citizens home, so I am not completely fogotten.

On this happy note I will leave you. there are things to do today and places to see, like the next supermarket in the next village, just a little way away. Yes it is always Feldbrunnen first, perhaps Langendorf second where the supermarket is, and not forgetting Riedholz, our only surviving village post office in the region. You just have to love Donald Trump, he is so good in inventing new expressions.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 20.02 (2)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning from Feldbrunnen

  1. Good morning, Pat. It’s so infuriating:- all the changes just to throw people in chaos. So it’s a major thing now, just to get to a post office. Luckily we have one locally, just five or ten minutes walk down the hill from here. It would be hell if they decided to close that.

    It’s a beautiful morning here, 14c at 8:47 am and we have bright sunshine. The forecast is for 21c later.

    Have a pleasant day, Pat. For me it’s a second day of bureaucracy, firstly at the municipal office for my updated address form and then to Marques de Pombal to buy a new monthly transport pass.


    • Our post office system seems to be closing post offices all the time, especially in the smaller villages. Not having a post office in the village is annoying. Of course we have letter boxes, but you have to make sure you have enough stamps.
      Since I no drive the car quite regularly, I no longer need so many tickets for the local train. I am now glad that I am driving again. I really did not forget as much as I thought.

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    • I always had an annual check with the gynaecologist, but after the big operation to remove my teratom, he also removed that part as well. It does not mean that I do not have to go, but at the moment I feel fine in that respect. I have enough oher problems. It would be useful to visit the guy in our village, but it is not said that he would take me. It seems to become increasingly more difficult to find a doctor that has time for you today. I would probably orgnaise something through my GP

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  2. It’s always something, you know? I just got hit with a virus. It just hit and then didn’t hit because I have plenty of anti-virus stuff embedded in the computer plus one extra thing I bought, just in case — it takes care of adware and other malevolent, but not quite viruses. I don’t know what hit it, but it went down, and then I had to replace Chrome and surprisingly, it went OK. I also had the thing I went through with Amazon and my Kindle. AND Garry’s other computer died, too … so maybe it’s just February or something. Can you get it fixed?

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    • It is an older iPad and they no longer sell them. It just had too much data. It was only 32 Gb and i have now bought one with more capacity 256 Gb. It wad not a virus, just too much data, although I threw out a few apps and now it is ok, On my new iPad I will have more room for more apps. I like my iPad when I am relaxing in my TV chair. I am writing this on my iPad now.


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