Daily Prompt: The Unrhythmic Day

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 20.02 (3)

Every day the same old thing. Leave the bed, wash, clean the appartment and go shopping. Perhaps not as organised, but it is the daily thing to do. You would like it to be different perhaps? Even when you are on the way to the shopping centre, you exit your estate with the same view. perhaps it has snowed, when everything is white for a change. It might be spring, or Summer when the leaves are on the trees in abundance. At the moment they are only thinking about it. You see the slopes of the Jura mountains in the distance. They more or less remain the same because you do not get a closer view. In Winter they are white, but even that pleasure is withheld from us at the moment, with our warmer “thinking of spring” weather.

Sometimes perhaps you wish for something completely different: every day the same thing at the same time. Today it was different, I had a different rhythm, my feet were not tapping with the usual beat. Was I happy about this? – well it made a change.

I suppose being a golden oldie, I have become a person of habit. I clean because I like order in the appartment and I cook because I eat to live (and not the other way round). I noticed that the apps on my iPhone were different today. The photo app had moved one place to the left (you see I am a creature of habit). Now this made me suspicious. If it moved, it meant that there was room and something must be missing. I checked and discovered that the most important, death defying routine app was missing. The one where I have my doctor appointments, medicine routine injections and any other important facts of life. This happened once with my “notices” app, but somehow I manged to restore it, although not completely.

I checked on my iPad, having everything on a cloud, and discovered that this routine app was still there with all the details. Of course Mr. Swiss told me to stay cool. I was cool, just getting a bit unravelled at the edges and perhaps increasing the volume. I had a programme and this was the unprogrammed catastrophe. After sharing our different opinions, I gave up. Mr. Swiss said it can happen sometimes, so I gave him my demon possessed iPhone for it to be exorcised and continued with my programme.

“Eureka” was the answer from Mr. Swiss. It seems that these mobile phones hide things in a new folder, that they manufacture all on their own, and there was my life saving routine app. He also discovered two other apps in the same folder. Solution “it can happen”, but I stopped hyperventilating and eventually we were ready to depart, half an hour later than usual.

The next routine change was when Mr. Swiss found it would be a wonderful idea that I would drive to the supermarket – I usually drive home. Of course I can drive a car, after almost two years break. My nerologist and GP found I should really begin to drive the car again, especially as Mr. Swiss was an advanced golden oldie and I was just a golden oldie beginner. No problem, I switched on the motor, and left the parking garage. As we were approaching the supermarket Mr. Swiss reminded me I should make a small detour to the chemists to pick up my perscription medicine. No problem, really, although I had to change my programmed driving route brain, but the invincible Mrs. Angloswiss did it. Another feeling of triumph swept through my body. Afterwards we arrived at the supermarket, so what could possibly go wrong. I had planned to organise a new iPad and Mr. Swiss found it would be a good idea if he did the shopping and I could arrange the details for the new iPad.

I ordered my iPad for Friday. All was organised as Friday was the big special offer of mega Cumulus points, when I could collect 500x instead of the normal 2x cumulus points. Cumulus points mean more money at the supermarket and I always try to combine my big buys with special offers. Mr. Swiss did call me as I was completing the transaction, as he was ready to pay in the supermarket and was wondering if I had disappeared. He had called 4 times and I did not pick up the phone, but somehow it had been switched to silence. Oh what an exciting day this was becoming.

We arrived home at midday, when we usually sit down to lunch. Why panic, we have no important appointments. Looking back on it all it was an exciting morning, full of surprises, heart attack similar symptoms and differences of opinion. It all makes life worth living, no boredom or monotony. Or based on the words of Kurt Cobain “I never wanted to drive a car. I just wanted to  go places and see things”.

Amaryllis macro 19.02 (7)

Daily Prompt: The Unrhythmic Day

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Unrhythmic Day

  1. Great post. Changes in my routine mess me up also. Once one major disruption happened it seems to snowball. Like you I found the disruptions evened out and made no difference in the goal at the end. When I get home I think you have inspired me to write a post. Hugs

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    • You can go with or without routine, but I need it in my confused golden oldie life. If I forget, Mr. Swiss remembers, and the other way round, but if we both forget, then we have problems.

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      • I am not much better than you really. We were at the lawyers this morning and she got angry with me because I kept saying Ron would have to answer that. SO we got to arguing and I said rather heatedly “I don’t know, I can’t remember” to which she said, “Then tell me that , don’t tell me to talk to someone else, I am talking to you”. They don’t understand how frustrating it is not to be able to remember or have mental access to information. After being reminded of something I mostly can catch up, but still details elude me. Thank Nature for Ron and Mr. Swiss. Be well. Hugs


  2. I am so bound by routine that I HATE the smart phones. In any given week, nothing ever worked the same way. I finally gave up and told my Mr. Canada to give it to someone who wanted it more than I. Of course Mr. Canada’s comment was, “You have to be smarter than the phone to work one.” 😦

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    • My smart phone is a body extension for me. I really have all my details in it. The shopping list is the best. Mr. Swiss and I have it in a cloud, so we can both add to it if something is forgotten. But if the phones does not work, I am lost. Although I did start a manual backup for my MS injections, thank goodness, otherwise I would probably forget when and where.

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  3. Funny, I thought about that this morning as I was making my coffee. The first twenty minutes of my day MUST always be the same because 1) the dogs have their way of doing things and DON’T like change — they must go out, come in, eat breakfast. 2) I want my coffee. I had put the dogs out and was putting the coffee into the basket of my Bialetti and I thought, “Wow, every day is exactly the same.” But they aren’t, not once the necessary 20 minutes are over. Still, usually I drink my coffee, check my email, see what tragedies have befallen the people I’m in contact with on Facebook (none thank goodness) and write my daily post blog. After that? Wash the dishes, clean the kitchen, do chores. Then? Who knows…

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    • Same here – first minutes make breakfast for me and for the birds. Tabby does not usually arrive until later as she is still sleeping. Fire up the computer, have a look to see what has happened during the night, make comments, and write a blog. Clean the appartment, have a shower and the I am free, not quite, but it is when other things can happen. I need my little routine,

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      • Me too — those 20 minutes mean I don’t have to completely wake up. It’s really hard on me when I have house guests who get up with me. I laugh about that because I have an aunt who will say to her guests, “Don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my coffee!!” And now I’m her. 🙂

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  4. My routine is like a bear in the fall. I am curious I guess about the cloud. How many different clouds are there? When we store something we have done on a cloud, is time limited? Also how many different servers store these clouds? Where? For eternity? I imagine there are many hundred, maybe thousands of servers? I have no idea??

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    • I am not an expert but there seems to be a big cloud hovering and you can choose who you want to share it with and some stuff is automatically shared like mails and perhaps your photo programme. It took me a while to get the cloud idea but i seem to be slowly getting there. The cloud is permanent. I did not like the idea, but some things only work with it.


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