One Word Challenge: Escape

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 17.02 (7)

At last the end could be seen, an escape from the darkness of the depths. We survived. It was a difficult job negotiating the twists and turns and avoiding other competitors, but we found the path. Not quite – there was a barrier to overcome, but our secret pass raised the metal bar. Just a small hill and the sun rays hit the front window of the car as we were on the road to freedom. Another obstacle overcome, yes, we did it.

One Word Challenge: Escape

3 thoughts on “One Word Challenge: Escape

    • The only danger in our underground parking is when I have to park between two cars. If I am driving I go to the lowest level (in town there are only three levels) which is mainly almost empty and can take my choice. I also have my favourite places at the supermarket which is on ground level and a top floor. Mr. Swiss just parks the car, but I have to work it all out.

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