Good Morning Migros Ladies

Migros Supermarket, Langendorf

Why begin a blog with a greeting to a supermarket. It is quite easy, I spend most of my tourist life in the supermarket. Switzerland has supermarket chains, the largest being Co-Op and Migros. My visits are usually to the Migros in the Swiss village of Langendorf which is easily reached by car and is one of the big ones. Originally the building was a watch machinery making place, but was converted to a large supermarket many years ago – I remember it happening. So this place is almost my second home, and then yesterday morning something happened.

Of course you get to know the people that work there, especially those that serve – either the butchers department, where stuff is also sold over the counter, or the assistants that fill up the shelves, who you can ask where certain items are if you cannot find them. You get to know the staff, they get to know you. Their names are pinned to their overalls. After many years of weekly visits, they know me. “Good morning Mrs. Angloswiss/Mr. Swiss” is a normal greeting. It is a good place to shop, everything organised and you know where to find the goods you need – at least normally. It sometimes happens that golden oldies Mr. and Mrs. Angloswiss cannot find what they want, because someone somewhere decides to change the organisation and the usual spaghetti you need might be lower in the shelf. Sometimes it might be that something is not available, delivery problems.

However after making your selection you arrive at the cash desk. My son worked for this supermarket for 4-5 years as a Saturday and holiday job when he was studying at the university, so in a way I also got to know the ladies at the cash desk. I even have a few online friendships with them through Facebook where my blogs are crossposted.

So imagine my delight and surprise when one of cash desk ladies spoke to me yesterday morning about reading my blogs and finding them quite good. She does not speak english, but there is a translation possibility in Facebook, so she gets the idea of what I write. She made my day, as they all do really. Perhaps there are days when they are not so happy, but we customers also have our off days. Things do not always run as they should, a normal part of daily life. You cannot be happy all the time, but most of the time. My excursions to the supermarket are a pleasure, a meeting with familiar faces. So today this blog is a sort of homage, dedication and thankyou for the smiles, greetings, and work of the friendly ladies in the supermarket. They have become part of my external “family” over the years.

Today is not a supermarket day, that was yesterday, so I will be occupied with my housework, like cleaning a bathroom and taking the vacuum cleaner for its daily walk. I was thinking about a walk this afternoon, but probably it will remain a thought, as it is raining. Walking in the rain with a cane is not fun. I have no room to carry an umbrella as the free hand is necessary for the camera. However, I am sure I will find something else to do – write a blog for a change.

Have a nice day everyone, make the most of it, as a golden oldie every day is an event, whether you visit the doctor, the hairdresser, or the supermarket – just make the most of it.

Migros 26.09 (11)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning Migros Ladies

    • Co-ops are all over the world, but each country has their own. The co-op I mean is the Swiss co-op. Migros is a national Swiss supermarket chain, begun but a man many years ago that would deliver goods from a truck visiting isolated villages and some small towns. He never sold alcohol or cigarettes and to this day they are not sold in the Migro supermarkets. The idea developed and the Migros shop idea was born, which is today a chain of supermarkets all over the country.


  1. I am so glad I found your blog because your talent with words just makes my day! I loved your expression “take my vacuum cleaner for a walk”. And, you have made a trip to the supermarket interesting!! Thank you.

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  2. Thank you for the honor you bring to the details of life that are often overlooked! Honor to these workers… And honor to those of us who will clean the bathrooms today like me!

    May you have a lovely and happy day today.

    Kind regards…..

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    • You visit the same places most of the time and they all leave a mark on your life somehow. The bathroom has been cleaned, and now there is nothing to do but blog and eat. Mr. Swiss cleaned the kitchen yesterday – so what could be better.
      Also enjoy your day.


  3. Migros. 🙂 There was none in Obfelden, but there was a Co-op. And some other store that was open on Sunday but I forget the name. When I think of Migros I think of this giant beautiful shop in the Glatt shopping mall in Wallisellen, outside Zürich. I think of seeing hundreds of things I’d never seen before — especially cheese. Sigh.

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    • We have Migros everywhere. There is one in our local town of Solothurn, which is being enlarged at the moment, but we prefer to go to Langendorf which is quite near and has ample parking space. I have never been to Glatt, but Spreitenbach where there is also a large shopping mall. We also call Co-op Konsum and now and again go there, as they have more product articles, likes my Twinigs tea, which Migros do not have.

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    • In our little village we have no shops, so we have to go elsewhere – one of the reasons I am glad I am driving again. I can take the local train to town, but means walking to the other side of town for the supermarket, so we drive to a larger village where they built a large Migros supermarket, they also have a Co-op supermarket there, and my chemist is also there, so what could be better.


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