Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Down at Things

Geese 16.02 (16)

Looking down at things is a habit these days, as I can no longer get down and get up again. Anyhow this goose obliged whilst digging to find what was down in the earth.

River Aar 14.02 (14)

When I reach the bench at the top of the 70 stairs from the bank of the River Aar, I always take a rest and time for a photo. I always hope for the clear day, when I can see the Bernese alps in the distance, but that can wait for later.

River Aar 14.02 (12)

Looking down onto the stones on the riverbed, with the reflection of the trees on the opposite bank.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Down at Things

4 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Down at Things

  1. The goose head was almost an abstract until finally, I realized it WAS a goose’s head. How funny. You live in a beautiful place 🙂 If the weather stays nice, I want to go out tomorrow and do a little shooting. I’m hoping the ground will be less gooey. It’s pretty sticky around here.

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    • I just have to take my zoom lens for those photos, as there is wire and a distance between me and the animals. On the other hand, for shots of the horses it is not so good, but I am continuously take walks in the area. Today was rain, and I am hoping that the weather gets better. I had a photo rest today. It does not get so mucky here as the rain drains through the soil, everything being on a slople.


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