Share Your World – February 20, 2017

When you cut something with scissors, do you move your jaw (as if you were about to chew)?

So I walked to the place where I keep the scissors and cut a piece of paper and I noticed my mouth remained shut andmy jaw did not move. Of course, if I had not been careful and cut myself, I would have spoken (profanities) and probably moved my jaw to signify “ow”.

Do you chew your pens and pencils?

No, unless the ink or lead would be vanilla flavoured and who needs pens and pencils when you have a computer, iPhone or iPad? Just keep your finger nails at a decent length – what could possibly go wrong?

Are you a collector of anything?  If so what?

I used to collect money, but somehow the collection never really grew, and now that is finished. You do not even see the money, it all goes through the computer. I collected stamps when I was a kid and still have my collection.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 20.02 (7)

Now I seem to collect cameras, various lens and photos. I now have about 18,000 photos online. This photo is just representative of a shot of the St. Urs. Cathedrale in Solothurn, Switzerland I took this morning from the car. I also collect books to read, but on my Kindle as I no longer have room for real books.

What size is your bed? 

Big enough for me and Mr. Swiss. Swiss system: two beds placed together, everyone has their own pillow, own sheets and own duvet and own mattress. Sizes only interest me when I need new bed linen.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I feel like a new person, revised and rejuvenated. I spent the week driving the car almost daily after more than a year. My neurologist and my GP both gave me the go ahead to drive. Being 70 years old you have to have a basic test every 2 years in Switzerland – not driving but more a check that your driving reactions are OK, and I passed, even with my MS. I have problems dragging my left foot, but the neurologist found who needs a left foot when you drive an automatic. I was not really bothered, but now realise I can still do it and it is certainly good to know I can still use the car if necessary.

The weather is also now pleasant, and I went on a few walks along the river and to the local stables with their ducks, geese, hens and of course horses. I feel like I have  been in a Winter hibernation and have now awakened – the new me. This week it goes further with walks and car driving. Oh and I visited the hairdresser last week and at last got my hair cut to its normal manageable short self. Yes, life is good with a car, short hair and walks. I am now becoming the bionic super golden oldie. I just have problems getting out of bed in the morning 🙂

Share Your World – February 20, 2017

11 thoughts on “Share Your World – February 20, 2017

  1. I like a peek into others lives. Do you ever feel it is an intrusion to share your world with anyone who tunes in? I find it a lot more comfortable to share in a comment to a person or two even knowing anyone could read it, then putting it in a post on my blog. Hugs

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    • It varies what it is. The comments I do not like I would ignore. The bed question was a little bit near, but we all sleep somewhere somehow. One day, when I am gone, my blogs will still be hovering around somewhere in a cyber world and in 500 years people will realise how we lived today – if the world still exists then.

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  2. I’m so happy for you being able to drive again. Just the assurance that one can drive when they other can’t is a blessing. Congratulations, ‘super golden oldie.’

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